4-Jun-2016 (Sat)
Wherein we had an explosive night of live entertainment.

We had three shows last night: the two final, sold out, editions of Point Break Live in the main room, and The Dollyrots in Above DNA. And then SFPD showed up at around 3:30 and interrupted our preparations with news that someone had made a bomb threat and we had to evacuate.


Apparently some genius called 911 and claimed to have barricaded themselves inside DNA "armed with a gun and a bomb". This was news to us. But they closed down the whole block of 11th Street. Apparently our guests for the day included: "the SFPD Hostage Crisis Negotiation Team, Tactical Unit, Bomb Squad, Specialist Team, and Explosive Detection K9s, along with Tenderloin and Southern Police Station personnel and SFFD paramedics."