1-Jun-2016 (Wed) Wherein it's the last chance for Utah to get you two.

The final Point Break Live shows ever are almost sold out: the late show only has a few seats left, and the early show is down to standing room only! Don't miss it! Here's the epic skydiving scene from last month:

We still can't get any straight answers from MTA about the parklet. One person told us that construction on our block probably won't be starting for 7 months, and when it does, that part will only take five days -- but they're still telling us we need to remove our parklet and all of our bicycle racks within the next few weeks. Because that's not crazy at all.

Some recent photos:

Psychostick & Nekrogoblikon
Gene Loves Jezebel
The Last Internationale
Moving Panoramas

The Last Internationale and Moving Panoramas were both great, and woefully under-attended. Shame on you all.

2 Responses:

  1. Does "woefully under-attended" mean "we lost money doing these"? Where are the popular events taking you in the market?

    • growth curve says:

      DNA Lounge's all-ages permits allow it to host Sesame Street Live.

      Get them while they're young. Put protohipster babycino's on the menu.