1-Feb-2016 (Mon) Wherein I have some things to say about kangaroo dongs.

Well, our second Cyberdelia was a really fun party! With a pretty low turnout. In fact, even the two photographers we booked didn't show up, so we have the merest smattering of pictures from the event. Do you have any? Of course you don't, you didn't come. Well, you missed out, it was a great time. And I'm judging you. So hard. Because you ruined Christmas again.

Well, I pulled together a few photos from the webcast, and there are a couple of short videos I took. One of our costume contest prizes was a copy of the original Tank Girl soundtrack on cassette. Oh yeah.

But I wanted the first prize to be something else. See, the internet is full of horrible and terrifying things, and those things include the dildos of the animal kingdom. Since Tank Girl is a story about a girl who dates a kangaroo, I really wanted to give away a kangaroo dong -- they're about 2 feet long, S-shaped, and run about eighty bucks. But literally every shop that had them for sale -- and there are several -- was out of stock!

How about that.

Here are the ancillary videos I put together for the show: the pre-roll that ran while people were coming in and finding their seats; a video of notional coming attractions; and the video that ran during intermission.

My search history right now is s special gift to our friends at NSA.

Oh, also you'll see in the screen shots in the gallery that I added a karaoke sing-along crawl to the musical number in the movie. Never in my life did I expect that I would be downloading karaoke-making software, let alone in any kind of professional capacity.

(Did you know that the singing madam in Tank Girl is Ann Magnuson, the singer of Bongwater and also the first person that David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve murder in The Hunger? I just thought you should know that.)

I'm not sure if we'll be able to do this party again, though. Turnout was about 1/3rd of what it was last time, and that's not enough to justify giving it a Friday.

Other photos:

So Stoked: Battle Droids
So Stoked: For Monkeys
Cyberdelia: Tank Girl

3 Responses:

  1. Might be the movie choice for turnout? While I LOVE Tank Girl, a lot of people I know didn't like it and wouldn't come for that reason. Maybe something like 5th Element, Blade Runner, Wargames?? Can it happen on another night?

  2. FWIW I wanted to come but spent the previous two weekends out of town with a bunch of friends so last weekend was spent cowering at home in deep introvert mode. :P

  3. Ben says:

    I flew in from Florida and got three bay area friends to go with me to Hackers. I am not so compelled by Tank Girl. I guess I was not alone.

    If you want to do a 20th for the Matrix in three years, I'll fly out for that.

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