27-Dec-2015 (Sun) Wherein vomit isn't just for the evening.

An incident report we received this afternoon:

Hey guys, we had a super awesome tweaker come in this afternoon. He screamed at us wishing us a happy new year, said he loved us, grabbed his genitals and walked outside. He lingered outside for a few minutes and then left. I walked outside a few minutes ago and saw the vomit he left us on the ATM.

Welcome to Fragrant SOMA. I'll spare you the photo of the puke-soaked ATM. Here are some prettier photos instead:

Allie X
Book of Love
Wild Moth

9 Responses:

  1. Not a tweeker says:

    it's usually pretty civil for the metalllll shows (far as i've seen)

  2. Pics or it didn't happen says:

    Now that you've admitted that a photo of the puke-soaked ATM exists, you MUST to post it, or it didn't happen!

  3. Tweakers Smashed the State says:

    Is this akin to vomitting on the altar?

    The new face of blasphemy isn't a pretty, but at least it loves you.

  4. So... how does one clean a puked-upon ATM?

  5. Kyle Williamson says:

    Have you considered hiring the guy? It might work out...

  6. Anonytrace says:

    I read a story where some criminals were justifying how they'd rip off ATMs. It's a commercial burglary and you can get off pretty good. As opposed to going into someone's house which is a residential burglary and carries a strike if you get caught.

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