10-Nov-2015 (Tue) Wherein we are not, in fact, open.

This morning's game of Bureaucrat Signature Whack-a-Mole did not go exceptionally well. We passed our final-final-final health inspection, after a few adjustments, and our contractor did actually manage to fill up all the signature slots on the bingo card, but after that, you need Planning to sign the card certifying that it has been signed ("This is your receipt for your husband... and this is my receipt for your receipt.") But they want to do that on site instead of letting us come to their office, so we needed to make an appointment for that... and it was already 4pm so everyone had already gone home.

Oh, and Wednesday is fucking Veterans' Day, so the entire government is shut down.

So lack of one signature cost us two days of business.

Oh, and ABC is still jerking us around too. That paperwork they got on Friday? Absolutely zero progress on that on Monday, or Tuesday, and now Wednesday. Who knows what Thursday will bring.

Anyhow, hope springs eternal, and we have rescheduled our Tuesday Sequence opening party for Thursday instead.

I don't regret setting this somewhat ambitious opening date, though, because I am very confident that if I had set the opening date at two weeks from now, our bureaucrats would still have found a way to make everything take several days longer than that.

We did make a beta pizza in the new oven tonight, though. It was good. Our kitchen works. Yay.

18 Responses:

  1. Mariachi says:

    Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day is the beginning of summer.

    No wonder you’re having trouble with red tape!

    • jwz says:

      I'll take "Holidays I've never given a crap about" for $5,000, Bob.

    • FTLKINGS says:

      Yo why dont you go back to fucking off yeah? Who really has time to remember the specific name for a god damn holiday nobody really gives a fuck about and just gets drunk for one night. Youʻre probably the type of person who gets drunk and then has to return to their shitty 9-5 in the morning, get rekt you cuntbag.

  2. Mihai says:

    I thought about giving this advice earlier, thought better but you keep pushing it.
    Why don't you call Tuttle? Also remember the password: "'ere I am, JH"

    On a sadder note, over 40 people died and lots more are injured due to a fire in a Romanian club. The inspections and authorizations here are more or less a pretext for bribery (search Colectiv Club Fire Romania). So, those permits and inspections might have a reason for existing. The trouble that the bureaucracy around them seems to grow without limits. Of course, if you can "buy" a stamp there as here, then...

    • MetaRZA says:

      I don't think JWZ has ever said "down with bureaucracy!" In fact IIRC he's said the opposite. What I believe JWZ wants is efficient and transparent bureaucracy.

      • Mihai says:

        Does this really exist? Anywhere?

        • MetaRZA says:

          It does in Québec, Ontario and (I assume) the rest of Canada, though I've never had to deal with bureaucracy other then those 2 provinces.

        • MetaRZA says:

          Further more, seems to me the cynical notion that bureaucracy is required to be as opaque and inefficient as possible is what legitimizes and perpetuates inefficiency and opacity.

  3. Ryan Russell says:

    If it weren't for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn't get done. Or if you're the government, two weeks after the last minute.

  4. Ed says:

    I love the idea of a beta pizza.

  5. MattyJ says:

    The pizza looks puffier than at Classic DNA Pizza. Is the recipe new? It looks good, especially for a beta.

  6. nooj says:

    This is a lot like the issue of starting a new contract with a cell phone provider. "I live at ________. Under this plan, what will my actual first months' bill be? And my actual recurring bill?" It should not be hard to give a fairly accurate answer to these questions.

  7. elving says:

    +pizza, -beer: minimal viable offering?

  8. Jeff Bell says:

    Here we are at 1:00 on Thursday. jwz is not online complaining which would indicate that progress today has not been ruled out.

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