9-Nov-2015 (Mon) Wherein CW may or may not be open in 23 hours.

Today much running around was done, many forms were filled, many permit-fee checks were written... We had our final fire inspection, and we learned that while last week we had what we were told was our final-final health inspection, we have to have our final-final-final health inspection tomorrow. And to do that, the 27 B Stroke Six has to be stamped, and the receipt initialed, before 9:30 AM. But we can only pick up the 27 B Stroke 6 after 8 AM, and the people who have to do the signing and stamping are not available after 8:30 AM. And are four floors away. So that's going to be fun.

We are told that the ABC paperwork made its way from San Francisco to Sacramento on Friday, so something "should" have happened today, but we don't get to learn whether that is the case until some time tomorrow.

And, the distributors aren't allowed to deliver to us without the ABC permit, so we may be hooking up all the kegs mere minutes before pouring them.

So maybe we'll be open Tuesday evening like we've been telling everyone? Or maybe we won't be open for days. Who can tell.

5 Responses:

  1. Christian Vogel says:

    Oh my, thats a seriously fscked bureaucracy. My condolences. And best luck for the opening.

  2. nooj says:

    My brother and I like to make bets on how long before various bureaucratic processes are completely electronic. Renewing a driver's license is pretty easy now, if no information has changed.

    Until then, they should at least have tracking numbers so you can play along at home.

    "8:58am, Mon 8/4/15: arrival scan, desk of Joe Blow.
    "4:58pm, Fri 9/26/15: form glanced at, given contemptuous look.
    "10:13am, Tues 10/7/15: rejected, form incomplete.
    "10:15am, Tues 10/7/15: departure scan, desk of Joe Blow.
    "3:32pm, Wed 10/8/15: arrival scan, desk of Joe Blow.
    "3:33pm, Wed 10/8/15: vacation alert, Joe Blow out 10/4/15-10/14/15.
    "2:01pm, Tues 10/25/15: confirmed, all boxes are filled with words.
    "2:02pm, Tues 10/25/15: departure scan, desk of Joe Blow."

    • Tim says:

      Sooner than you think, maybe. I'm on one mailing list where every few months there's a game of:

      "Institution XXX has submitted form YYY to funding body ZZZ"
      time passes
      "Funding body ZZZ has rejected form YYY from institution XXX"

      and so on: sometimes a slow game, sometimes a goalmouth scramble when near a deadline.

  3. ducksauz says:

    Those last minute kegs are going to be seriously foamy when you tap them. I foresee 1/5th of those kegs going to trying to settle them at the last minute.