21-Jul-2015 (Tue) Wherein pizza is a nonconforming use.

Plumbing proceeds apace! The floor is all cut open and drains and floor sinks for the new kitchen and bar are being installed. Windows are coming soon, but most other things have to wait until the floor has been re-assembled. It sure is nice that the floor is on a frame instead of on a poured slab like at DNA. Well, except for that pesky liquefaction thing. But hey, I hear the sea levels are going to rise 10' within 50 years anyway. Hopefully SOMA won't wash away before the end of our lease.

The latest static we are getting from Planning is about late night operation -- you know, during The Lord's Hours, those four hours between 2am and 6am every day. We all know that those are the hours during which the Great State of California has decreed that it is wrong to drink alcohol. And we're somewhat used to the idea that the Great City of San Francisco tends to prefer that you not provide entertainment or an outlet for dancing during The Lord's Hours. You'd expect that that's what they're giving us grief about, right? You'd expect that this is the City's traditional hate for late-night entertainment.

But no, it's even better. They are objecting to the notion that we might be serving pizza after 2am. They are telling us that we need to schedule a hearing to apply for special dispensation to serve food between 2am and 6am -- even if we were selling that food in total silence.

You wonder why you can't get food late at night in this podunk town? This is why.

The fun part about this is that we asked Planning whether they were going to give us grief about this even before we signed our lease, and they told us "no problem". Of course they will only ever tell you things like that verbally, with no paper trail, until they change their minds.

Not being able to serve food after hours completely fucks our business, of course, so we'll be fighting this, but this is another expensive and unnecessary pain in the ass.

San Francisco would truly prefer that you not try to run a business here. As always, they are coming to confiscate your ice cream cones.

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7 Responses:

  1. 205guy says:

    I'm not an architect or a materials engineer, but aren't you just a little concerned about having a dance floor floating on a bunch of old wood instead of solid concrete?

    • 205guy says:

      And then you go and drill holes in that wood?

      • jml says:

        I'm not an architect or a materials engineer

        You just answered your own question.

    • Bill Stewart says:

      You must not be a dancer either :-) Dancing on concrete leads to pain; dancing on a nicely sprung live wooden floor is much more comfortable, and you can do it for much much longer. Even if it's only plywood on 1x2s on top of concrete, it's still a win. (Of course, if it's rotten wood and you fall through it, that's not so good :-)

  2. Jeff Clough says:

    They are objecting to the notion that we might be serving pizza after 2am.

    Cheese Jesus on a crispy cracker, the fuck is wrong with these people?

    With all the experience gained in dealing with shit like this, if you ever decided to return to the world of writing code for a living, I bet you could create one hell of a spiritual successor to Douglas Adams' Bureaucracy.

    And by "experience" I of course mean "misanthropy and liver damage."

  3. mattyj says:

    One might be tempted to point out that DNA Pizza #1 already serves food 24 hours a day, so what's the problem? But then you might find yourself closed during the Lord's hours in two places instead of one. D-U-M.

  4. Bill Paul says:

    You need to make video recordings of meetings where they tell you "no problem" so that you can challenge them later when they back out. ("IF ONLY THERE WAS SOME TECHNOLOGY...!")

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