1-Jul-2015 (Wed) Wherein no ducks are given.

So this happened:

I'm assuming it was an Emotional Support Duck.

Have you noticed that we replaced the fluorescents in the big sign with LEDs? It's so much brighter than before. Ooooh, aaaaah:

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  1. Everything is better with LEDs and lasers.

  2. Nick Lamb says:

    Of course the thing about LEDs is that they get dimmer. Other light technologies have this unpredictable failure thing going on, where the gradual material degradation proceeds day by day with no symptoms until they suddenly are useless without warning - but LEDs rarely do that, instead the material degradation reduces the light output. After a year 99.9% of your LEDs still work but they're imperceptibly dimmer than before. The quoted "lifetime" on household LED lamps is (in small print) explained as the time to lose 15% of their original brightness.

    This is good news if you maintain 5000 lamps in a conference hall. Every 5-10 years you just rip out all the LED lamps and put new ones in to keep the brightness high, much better than sending people up ladders every morning to replace the dozen incandescents which have burned out since yesterday. And realistically a remodel or whatever would mean ripping those lamps out every 5-10 years anyway.

    It's also good news if you want future sleazy cheap places to look properly under-lit like in a good cyberpunk story. With LEDs every one of the lamps in the by-the-hour hotel room where someone is doing illegal brain surgery on you will still work, but being 35+ years old they'll be dimmer than birthday candles.

    • mattyj says:

      Dem lights purdy.

    • reboots says:

      I believe your point is relevant to white LED lighting using a broad-spectrum phosphor, but I'm not sure monochromatic LED emitters themselves (as used in the pictured strips) are subject to the same degradation.

      I should also point out that fluorescent lighting and green neon, the two more traditional lighting types for this application, are also subject to phosphor degradation over time.

      • flodadolf says:

        Four out of five low-budget portable LED lighting rigs disagree: They're monochromatic (RGB) as a rule, and the LEDs increasingly go dark one small small section at a time (certainly due to a series-parallel game).

        Maybe it's the drivers that give up and not the LEDs.

        Or maybe it's the LEDs themselves, because if one in a series set fails open instead of short, it's going to take a few of its friends with it. (And if it fails short instead of open, its friends will simply be very bright for a short bit before they die due to overcurrent.)

        The end result is the same: Increasingly-dead fixture.

        These LEDs are not the somber red pilot-light on a Commodore Vic-20 (where it is certainly still working fine, even if nothing else in the system is). Instead they're more like a Lamborghini V12 or some other ridiculousness, fickle and short lived. Ridiculous and amazing. Awesome and ephemeral.

        When our 24x7 display model RGB (or RGBW, or RGBAW, or whatever) fixtures start dropping rows, we send them back to the distributor and they give us new ones. This happens frequently-enough that I don't want to mention any names.

        In terms of LED strips in particular (no matter the color), I see more death than I do dimness in actual use. I replaced a white strip that was less than 2 years old in a food truck a few weeks ago, not because it was dim, but because so few of the LEDs were still emitting light at all that it was useless.

        All of the other LED strips in the same truck (which are identical) are facing similar issues. They're aluminum-housed, silicon-potted (washable), and they weren't exactly cheap.

        That said, I'm very happy with my Cree and (I dare say) Great Value white LED bulbs at home. But they've got a bit more engineering involved than a random Chinese strip of random Chinese 5050s...

  3. James says:

    I hope ducks are the future of urban gentrification.

  4. Jonie says:

    lol that's my ex bf and his duck .wtf

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