17-Jun-2015 (Wed) Wherein you watch sausages being made.

The video of yesterday's Entertainment Commission hearing is online.

May I particularly direct your attention to 04:26, where the manager of the brand new apartment building across the street says that we are "not a desirable member of their community", and to 07:42, where additional public comment is delivered in the form of song.

19 Responses:

  1. JakiChan says:

    That guy is gonna be a PITA.

    • Elusis says:

      Watching Barry's face over his shoulder was amusing.

    • Grey Hodge says:

      He didn't seem too genuinely upset, I wager he was there pro forma for his residents and boss, and might not actually care. There's always some crotchety old nitwit wanting other people t stop having fun, and this will at least keep them off management's back, "I tried!"

  2. John Adams says:

    Fuck those guys. Bravo to the EC for support.

  3. Code Word: DNA Pizza Night Club.

  4. z! says:

    Ya build under a flight path, don't be surprised by the airplane noise.

  5. The guy looks like a degenerate priest.

  6. "It was a big yellow sign...did you not see it?"

  7. appreciate the additional public comment expressed in song

  8. Jim Sweeney says:


    His face needs to be on a t-shirt over the caption, "I AM THE PROBLEM WITH NOW."

  9. Jim Sweeney says:

    Also, interesting sidebar: I believe the singing part of this hearing actually qualifies for the phrase "political theater."

  10. John Adams says:

    I too was surprised by the singing, which could have been replaced with minutes of solid argument against the mosso guy.

  11. Jim Sweeney says:

    I just want to stand next to him and make nonstop angry face.

  12. Greg Creech says:

    Bravo to the EC board member who pointed out that the build had been a nightclub for years.

  13. That was worth the watch. I like the ending too YAY!!

  14. PCM says:

    Sounds like an ad campaign slogan to me. I suggest a run of CW t-shirts with "not a desirable member of the(ir) community" on them.