8-May-2015 (Fri) Wherein there are photos.

Today I signed my name a whole bunch of times:

But really this post is just a photo dump:

Bootie: DJs From Mars
A Wilhelm Scream

David J
Death Guild
I am told that DJs From Mars are no longer wearing cardboard boxes on their heads: it's some space-age Kevlar thing that just looks like cardboard, like Kingpin has inside his suit. It's what the modern supervillain is wearing these days.

Also, I am utterly disappointed that nobody has sent me any photos of the 8+ Stormtroopers who were dancing on the stage at Death Guild on May the Fourth (Be With You). You have all failed us, and you should feel bad.

David J was awesome! He played a lot more Love and Rockets songs than usual. Kundalini Express with a sitar!

5 Responses:

  1. mattyj says:

    Don't they know it should be The Wilhelm Scream? Pfffft.

    • Rae Deslich says:

      Have you -heard- A Wilhelm Scream? They can call themselves whatever they goddamn like.

      (Also, it's still grammatically correct. There is more than one copy of that file.)

  2. Did you sign your name on the work order to fix the upstairs bathroom door? Heee

  3. Jeff Grafton says:

    There's a thread of photos of "Sith Guild" in the Facebook group here.

  4. elving says:

    Congratulations. Van der Poel suggests you're now positioned to own infinity night clubs.

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