5-Dec-2014 (Fri) Wherein the halfassery sinks to new depths.

I'm trying something new and stupid with our long-suffering video webcast.

As you may recall, the video webcast has been largely down since Justin.tv shut down. I don't have any good replacement options. I looked at dozens of streaming providers, and except for two, they are all either really expensive, or spam the viewers with commercials all the time. The two services that don't are Streamup and Youtube.

So I was using Streamup, and it sucked, because they're just really, really bad at running their service. Literally weeks of unexplained downtime. Even after I tracked down the actual engineers to talk to and gave them easily reproducible test cases, all I got was, "Huh, that's funny."

Then I tried Youtube, and that's a non-starter because as soon as music starts playing, they Content-ID us, shut down the stream, and threaten hellfire damnation and an airstrike if those DJs don't stop playing other peoples' music right now.

So I got out the duct tape...

The video webcast is now streaming via Youtube, but it's streaming there silently -- video only -- so that their robots have nothing to complain about. Also, the page with the video embed on it has a second embed of our audio player, streaming the audio webcast from the DNA site.

Downside: There's no chance that audio and video will ever be in sync.

Upside: It kinda... sorta... works?

It looks like the audio is between 15 and 25 seconds ahead of the video, but your mileage will surely vary.

"There. I fixed it."

9 Responses:

  1. Nicely duct-taped, good sir! As a mostly absent fan, I am delighted! Clap clap clap!

  2. Will Scullin says:

    I'm not sure half-assed is the right term. Both halves are there, they are just disjoint in time. Dis-assynchronous, perhaps.

  3. Mariachi says:

    What are the reasons you can’t publish the stream directly yourself, instead of going through a third-party provider? Have you looked into HLS?

    • Even with fairly cheap bandwidth at the business level these days it's still expensive, especially for something he's giving away free.

    • jwz says:

      Money and also money.

      • Erbo says:

        And probably also a fair amount of "I'd rather swallow glass shards than have to wade through all the bullshit required to make this work on my own, so I'll pay someone else to deal with it instead."

        (Not that this eliminates all the bullshit...just most of it...)

  4. BDG says:

    Thanks Jamie.

    Something is surely better than nothing.

    I sent you a PM and hopefully you can make heads / tails out of it.

    Would be great if it turned out to be the diamond in the rough.

    If not an out of sync work around is better than anything from Streamup!

  5. Enarc Kram says:

    I was watching a cobbled-together video feed over slow 3g speeds in Qatar recently, and at some point the screen would freeze while the audio continued, unimpeded. A surprising amount of meaning was conveyed, as if it were a slideshow with decent audio.

    It's not what you want, but you could stream the audio and send screencaps of the video every ten seconds, sort of like a time lapse video.

  6. Tom Burling says:

    Take a look at us. We're relatively inexpensive, and have a free platform available for testing.

    Why were you shut off by U-Tube, if it was copy write infringement, I'm afraid you'll have the same problem here. We are a worldwide CDN, but we are based in the US and follow those regulations.

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