28-Oct-2014 (Tue) Wherein we've standing in this room for a while.

Barry was cleaning up and found these old tickets. Note the date!

He says he's pretty sure that the second ticket was actually mine, because his girlfriend didn't like the band.

When I showed this photo to some folks last night, their reactions ranged from "Who?" to "I was in high school" to "I wasn't born yet." Me, I was just about to start writing the web browser that your parents used to use.

It was a really good show. Anyway, photos!

Go Deep
Hubba Hubba
United Defiance
Odd Salon
Chuck Palahniuk

Tonight: Odd Salon is in the big room!

And do you have your tickets for Halloween yet? It's selling fast. You should get advance tickets unless you like standing in line.

12 Responses:

  1. Did they play the song from The Crow soundtrack???

  2. Saw that tour in Hollywood. That band did a reasonable job convincing me that I don't like "Industrial Rock" or "Arizona."

  3. Phil says:

    I was just about to start writing the web browser that your parents used to use.

    Ooo, that stings. I guess my college bound son wasn't yet born when I ran Netscape 0.9 on my Sparcstation.

  4. BDG says:

    Machines Of Loving Grace were one of the best acts on Mammoth Records.

    On a side note are the webcams going to be working anytime soon.

    Stuck in the middle of nowhere here in the South limits your options on going let alone watching any good live music and acts.

    • jwz says:

      Sorry about the video webcast. The answer is "beats the shit out of me." Streamup is unreliable and I don't have better options.

      The audio feeds are fine, though!

  5. Cara Donovan says:

    Wow that's way back hmmm I was well.... Ladies don't say lol

    • jwz says:

      It starts at $100/month. Fuck no.

      • Frank says:

        What's wrong with their free plan? Aside from the fact that viewers need to have a (free) Livestream account (and must sign in to that account) in order to view your stream), it's almost the same offering as the one that you used at Justin.tv. Actually, at the old Justin.tv site, it was necessary to have an account in order to post comments, so I suspect that many of your viewers had a Justin.tv account; I know I did, because I answered questions for people a few times.

        Just trying to help. I have no relationship with the company.

        • jwz says:

          If it requires viewers to sign up before seeing video, nobody will ever use it, period.

  6. Adrian Roberts says:

    OMG, I was actually at that very same Machines of Loving Grace concert too!

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