15-Apr-2014 (Tue) Wherein this is a very strange dojo.

Broke-Ass Stuart writes on The Bold Italic:

    DNA Pizza is a very strange place to get any work done. Loud, angsty music videos flash at you from TV screens, while a staff that looks like members of the Sex Gang Children serves up slices, salads, and sandwiches. Which is to say -- it's actually an awesome place to work from. I go through phases of doing my writing here. Connected to the DNA Lounge, DNA pizza is a 24-hour joint, but it's pretty empty during the day. At night it fills up with people attending whatever weird shit is happening next door. My favorite is to get a slice and people-watch on Monday nights when Death Guild is going on. There are enough goths to make the Roman Empire tremble.

3 Responses:

  1. Phil says:

    Yeah, pretty much.

  2. Also an underrated option for kids birthday parties!

    Actually, wait... does DNA Pizza do on-site kids birthday parties? Could I rent you out, bring some balloons and clowns? Because a kids' birthday party where I can walk over to a bar and get a beer sounds brilliant.

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