3-Apr-2014 (Thu) Wherein "I got arrested at DNA Lounge and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

At midnight on Monday, a girl was falling down and vomiting in the parklet. This young lady had previously been discovered in the women's room chugging from a liter bottle of Jack Daniel's. She was also wearing a DNA Lounge t-shirt that was two sizes too big. It won't surprise you to learn that both of these items had, until recently, been behind one of our bars.

While being cuffed, "the customer stated that she had no idea what I was talking about and that she had no recollection of how the t-shirt had gotten on her body."

The cops asked if we would just drop it if she paid for what she had stolen, so we charged her for what we charge for shots times how many shots are in a bottle. Plus the shirt. And the pin on the shirt. Oh, and also our ATM charged her a service fee on top of that.

"The customer began to remove the t-shirt, at which point I informed her that her boyfriend had purchased it and that it was now her property."

Wear it with pride, klassy lady.

Tonight is Terminator Too: Judgement Play! It's very nearly sold out, so get your tickets now. Next month's show is also selling fast...

And of course tomorrow is Point Break Live.

10 Responses:

  1. Still a better love story than Twilight.

  2. kwk says:

    How much is a shot of call whiskey?

    Also, world's worst bottle service.

  3. James says:

    "her boyfriend had purchased it"

    Once again, law enforcement holds punitive measures over prevention and deterrents.

  4. Other Jamie says:

    "midnight on Monday, a girl was falling down and vomiting in the parklet."

    I'm glad our community spaces are being put to good use.

    • James says:

      Parklet barfing provides a liver-symbiotic rehabilitative function over sidewalk barfing, which has public safety implications.

  5. mattyj says:

    PS Do heed the Terminator Too tag. I was there last night. EPIC.

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