31-Dec-2013 (Tue) Wherein that was 2013.

So that was a pretty good year, you guys!

Hey, remember that time PRINCE played here? Four times?

Hey, remember that time, just about 13 months ago, when we opened a new venue?

This year in Above DNA we've had 129 shows, which averages out to 2.5/week. We're open a lot these days! Last year we averaged 7.6 events/week overall, which is only possible because we have two rooms now. We also broke a few of our own attendance records, and we won some awards! We've slung quite a few pizzas.

This is also the year when, in addition to our usual run of dance parties and rock shows, we started having a bunch of seated events, which was an unexpected turn: but those events are all awesome.

Atlas Obscura: Our "Weird Local History" lecture series.
Mortified: Adults reading to you from their teenage diaries. It's so good.
Point Break Live: You really can't imagine how awesome this is.
Hubba Hubba Revue: Reborn and returned this year as more of a theatre show.
And of course Bootie is still our unstoppable juggernaut, every Saturday. There's really nothing else like it. You're coming to the NYE 2014 Shit-Show tonight, right?

You must buy advance tickets! They're going fast and there will be none available at the door!

Thank you all for making 2013 a good one. Now let's get drunk.

2 Responses:

  1. Ben says:

    That's a damn good year. More than one event a day is impressive.

    • louie says:

      Last man standing has its advantages. (as does obviously hard work and general excellence, but still ...)

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