17-Nov-2013 (Sun) Wherein the stupid, it burns.

I must share with you a couple of our incident reports from last night. We get a lot of stupid behavior here, but sometimes people go way above and beyond the call of duty.

At approximately 1:50am, I responded to a medical call in Above DNA. When I arrived, I discovered an Asian male laying on the ground near the stage. Upon investigation, I discovered that there was no medical issue with the subject and that he had previously assaulted the DJ, two customers and attempted to knock over the DJ booth. The customer did not respond to any verbal instructions, but was responsive to painful stimuli.

I informed the customer that he could not lay on the floor in the venue and that he need to stand up and step outside. The customer refused and closed his eyes. He stated that he was "perfectly within his rights to lay on the floor." I informed him that we would assist him physically if neccesary. Security staff and I lifted the customer and began carrying him to the above door. The cusotmer began thrashing and kicking, striking me in the groin with his foot. After placing him on the ground, we handcuffed the customer and escorted him out of the venue. The customer then stated that he was going to kill me.

Contacted SFPD at 2:00am. SFPD arrived at approximately 2:10 am. The responding officers then left the scene due to a higher priority call. [...the guy sat on the sidewalk in cuffs for 3 more hours...]

At 4:45am SFFD unit M89 arrived. After releasing the subject to the SFFD Officers, they determined that he was not in any medical danger and allowed him to walk home. SFFD left the scene at 5:00 am.

And, in international relations:

At about 11:30 pm I was standing outside the front door when I witnessed an individual try and sneak in behind the door person. I stepped between him and the inside an asked if I could help him. He said he was trying to get his coat. I told him I would gladly get his jacket for him if he could give me his coat check ticket. At this time he started cursing and reciting strings of numbers. I replied in kind, telling him the local zip codes. We seemed to reach an impasse so I again asked him for his coat check ticket. He responded that he had the strongest fences in Sweden. He then proceeded to hug random strangers on the sidewalk and pull their hair. At this time I moved him away from the front door and next to the bike racks. I again tried to get his coat check ticket to no avail.

I stepped away to help some other customers when he started to try and urinate on the bike rack. I told him that he would be going to jail if he did not put away his private parts and move along. He started to re-dress himself and I turned again to help some other customers when I felt urine splashing on my leg.

At this time I took the patron by the shoulder and walked him around the corner. I told him he had two choices: go away, or go to jail. I then left him around the corner. I returned to the front of the venue to tell staff about him when he stumbled back towards the club and fell on two customers in line. At this time Arlo pulled him out of line and I told him, "last chance, go away or your going to jail". He verbally chose jail and called us faggots. I called the police non-emergency number at 11:42pm. Unit 103 responded at 11:49pm. At this time they took Jonas from Sweden into custody. They took him to the station to see more of America.

Last week, David got bit on the ankle -- the ankle -- so hard that it drew blood.

The things we put up with for you people. You don't even know.

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32 Responses:

  1. Dave Paul says:

    w t f ?! both those stories are crazy

  2. Phil Antone says:

    So, THAT is why they water down their drinks! LMAO Paul Ciarlo

  3. There are photos of me trying, as companionably as I could manage, to prevent Jonas from nuzzling me while awaiting the police. Half the staff, and the entire line, were in hysterics. On the upside, I did not get peed on.

  4. Yuma did you play last night?

  5. Punk Steve reading these stories and seeing the end result I actually found amazing, considering I know what would have happened afterwards if someone kicked in the groin or urinated on some of the bar/club security people I know from DC. It certainly wouldn't have been a peaceful ending.

  6. I do know what you go through. I work in emergency medicine. We see that everyday. Very frustrating but somebody's gotta take one for the team.

  7. jwz says:

    Twitter weighs in:

    @Chris_Randall Your security staff is very well-written, it must be said.

    @tjernlund On behalf of Sweden, I apologize. Also, I don’t think we keep track of relative fence strength. Jonas might have been making that up.

  8. Abed Zoobi says:

    What a load of fucking tools

  9. Yuma Tripp says:

    Was the DJ attack in the "Loft"

  10. Yuma Tripp says:

    And did the guy have a plaid shirt on?

  11. mark says:

    we may not know everythign that goes on behind the scenes, but we know that there's a lot of it, and we appreciate everything you guys do to improve the experience for the rest of us

  12. Rah says:

    U guy's r awesome! It takes a lot to keep us drunktards in check n I know I'm in safe hand's while partying at DNA, :). Thx for all that u put up with us, :).

  13. Wow, sounds like a calm night. I take my hat off to u gents. If he had peed on me, he definitely wouldn't be able to use it again properly.

  14. I am agog. I thank you for your labor of love and I thank the staff for keeping us safe from marauding Swedish fencemasters.

  15. ...but I thought good fences made _good_ neighbors?

  16. No, see, Rachel, In Mending Wall, Robert Frost was finding irony in his neighbor's words when he, oh, never mind.

  17. Really appreciate all the work you guys do... Cannot imagine the other night's you all have. Thanks!

  18. ...need any taser-suits to be custom tailored? ^^

  19. Tom De Roeck says:

    dont tase me bro

  20. Ah hi Tom De Roeck! Getting ready for Roboexotica? Regarding to the suits - 'friendly fire mode' will be on at all times, 'kej? ;)

  21. Anouk do you mean your dresses have "stun" setting?

  22. Jim Sweeney says:

    There was so much stupid on the block last night, I actually drove in a big circle to avoid it as I was leaving the club. I still don't understand why or how people equate "being a total idiot" with "I'm having fun now."

  23. Артём Багинский - no, raw electro shock will do; I like the basics.

  24. Tom De Roeck says:

    TAKE ME TO THE DUNGEON, BZZT BZZT-- And yes, the minecraft bot is coming along nicely.

  25. typical Elliott night-out, i'd say. you don't wanna know what he did to the Berghain / Panorama Bar (OFFICIAL) dj booth.

  26. I must be getting old, I just can't see the fun in getting THAT wasted in public.