6-Nov-2013 (Wed) Wherein there is a mere smattering of Halloween photos.

All three of our Halloween parties were amazing. Point Break Live was amazing. There's been some amazement, is what I'm saying.

Here's a fun interview with the director of Point Break Live:

So the original cast members have been supportive of the show?

Busey showed up the first time really early and came in all scary, especially to the guy playing his character Pappas, like 'Don't mess up my show! If you suck I'm gonna rip your head off and shit down your throat!' And then he sat in the front row and five minutes into it he was grabbing water guns, and getting up on stage chasing people around. And three weeks ago, Lori Petty, who played Tyler in the movie, came in and auditioned for Johnny Utah and won. That was really epic to have one of the stars in the show.

What's the strangest Point Break Live! related encounter you've had since you've been doing this?

I met Keanu once when we were doing the shows. He's never come, but one night after we finished doing a show, there was a sister bar nearby that called us and were like 'you gotta get over here, Keanu Reeves is here.' It was right around Halloween so I was like, whatever. But I went over there with some flyers and brought a poster and sure enough it was Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, Bill and Ted, sitting at the bar together. And I mentioned the show to Keanu and said you should come and audition and he was like, 'But what if I didn't win, you know, that would suck!" At the show itself we've had all kinds of crazy stories. We've had people visiting from Japan who don't know English audition and of course the audience picks them. So people who can't even read English have gone on and tried to guess what the words are and people still went nuts for it.

Both November Point Break Live shows sold out, both December shows are sold out already, and the two January shows are going fast! Get your tickets soon, people! You really do want to see this. Words don't do it justice.

(We do sell a few standing-room walk-up tickets at the door, so if you still want to come to the December shows, you can probably manage that if you get here early.)


Hubba Hubba: Evil
Delorean Overdrive
Bootie: Elocnep
Bootie: Bowie/Stevie
Atlas Obscura: Cemetery Stories
Halloween Booootie
All Hallow's Eve
Point Break Live

If you have any photos from Halloween, please send them! I can't believe how few photos we have. There were so many amazing costumes, and they're largely undocumented here. Help us out, people.

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  1. phuzz says:

    Can you ask the Point Break people if they're thinking about doing a UK tour please?

    • jwz says:

      How's the surfing there?

      • phuzz says:

        In a word, cold, and probably not the world class massive breaks you get in other parts of the world.
        However, if you're ok in a wetsuit and you can time your trip to coincide after a big Atlantic storm then there's a bunch of good places ranging from Scotland down to Cornwall (ie the entire west coast of the UK).
        I'd recommend Cornwall (the SW tip of England), or Devon (the next county along), partly because I already live down this way, and partly because it's slightly warmer. During the summer it will get quite busy though.
        Magic Seaweed is a good site for surf forecasts.
        Seriously though, either bring a wet suit, or hire one, even in the summer the sea is bloody freezing.

    • jwz says:

      Asking for a friend.

    • jwz says:

      Also the banks. How are the banks?

  2. Creech says:

    I was stunned how much fun Point Break Live was. It really blew me away how perfect the early show's Keanu was.

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