30-Oct-2013 (Wed) Wherein we've got a zip line! And a bike rack! And Halloween!

A short clip from the Point Break Live rehearsal this afternoon:

The first two shows are this Friday, and the early show is almost sold out! Have you got your tickets yet?

Tomorrow's Halloween! Do you have your tickets for that yet? Our staff have been working themselves to the... bone getting ready for you, muaaahahahaha. Thirteen spooooooky DJs in four rooms!

Also, check out our new bike rack! This now completes the Parklet Project. It was installed yesterday, and within an hour of the bolts going into the ground, there were eight bikes in it.

5 Responses:

  1. nooj says:

    Seems the same as when I lived there (as a car driver): a parking space newly opened would be filled by the very next car, or at most the third one back.

    Also, geez, seeing the fire damage across the street is still a shock.

  2. nooj says:

    That bike rack and the concrete underneath it need dazzle paint! Taggers should be punished with forced fulfillment of street art requests.

    "We used to try to send these guys to jail, but that never worked. Now we make them government employees."

  3. joe user says:

    Only one fixie? Is this no longer the hip part of town?

  4. Mattachine says:

    I really hope more thought is given to the parklet. It seems kinda plain in comparison to its neighbor.