23-Sep-2013 (Mon) Wherein the parklet is usable!

We installed the bar top today! The parklet is now open for business.

For now, we're borrowing some stools from Above DNA, but permanently-mounted stools are coming soon. Also still on the agenda is a piece of hinged diamond-plate to cover the gap between the parklet and the sidewalk. After that, we're waiting for the city to install the bicycle rack.

The bar top is several pieces of wood glued together. The first pass of glueing happened in the shop, but to transport it, it still needed to be in 3 large pieces. This is a shot of them being glued together.

Also, look, the fins are getting a nice patina on them already! That's just from the rain on Saturday.

Party photos:

Moving Units
Hubba Hubba
Battle of the Bands
Atlas Obscura: Absinthe
The Atlas Obscura event was our first in a four part series of talks about the history of various liquors, including tastings! That one was on absinthe; the next one is on whisk(e)y and you should definitely attend. Did I mention tastings!

Oh, we got a nice review of the Moving Units show.

I strongly recommend you come by for the Icky Blossoms show on Sunday, Sep 23 because they are awesome. That's the evening after Folsom Street Fair. They're also performing at the fair, but that's probably only a half hour set -- this is a full show.

I'm also looking forward to Claire on Oct 13 and Charli XCX on Nov 1, where she will be DJing in Above DNA following her show at Slim's.

5 Responses:

  1. adolf says:

    Love the rust.

    Also: If there were a sub-reddit for Clamp Porn, this should be there.

    Awesome work. Will enjoy making a point of having a frosty beverage there if I ever find myself in SF.

  2. Jester Pezz says:

    it looks amazing in person! was there for Death Guild

  3. nooj says:

    Wow, it is such a bitch to glue wood that thick and that long. Especially outside.

  4. joe says:

    That looks a lot less like a park than it looks like an extension of a restaurant dining area.

  5. Leigh Terry says:

    Cool idea. I haven't seen anything quite like it. Looking forward to see pictures of it at business hours or even to try it personally soon.

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