15-Sep-2013 (Sun) Wherein shit's on fire again.

There was a 4 alarm fire at 340 Eleventh Street early this morning, across the street from us between Butter and Garage Cafe. Hayden took this photo and says it was absolutely terrifying:

He says he heard that everyone got out safely except possibly a couple of dogs. I haven't seen any additional info in the press yet.

This is the warehouse that was originally slated to be another set of high-rise condominiums, until we were able to convince the supes to require it to be commercial and office space instead.

It was also the building with the best "no parking" sign in the city:

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  1. KC Crowell says:

    That was the home of some beloved Burning Man builders and artists. Also founding members of Jerk Church, who have played at DNA a handful of times. Sad stuff. They've set up an IndieGoGo already to help cover costs- http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-john-and-muse-recover-from-a-devestating-fire-at-the-doghouse

  2. Everyone made it out, with minor injuries. The dogs are being treated for smoke inhalation. Also, balls. Also, also, bollocks. These are very sweet people.

  3. It was pretty scary-looking from my place too, caddy-corner on the back side. Glad to hear there were no casualties; I had heard (incorrectly I guess) that two dogs had died.

    I got woken up by the smell. It took me a while to realize it was more than a very late BBQ.

    If I had been more with it, I would have gotten a good picture of the blaze. I did get a shot of the aftermath from my roof, once the sun came up. Find it in my Twitter stream (@danfuzz).

  4. Connie-Lynne says:

    Thanks to the DNA for giving the early-morning recovery crew coffee and succor. Good neighbors, indeed.

  5. bobzilla says:

    People were injured, one seriously and is expected to be in the hospital for two months with burns. A fundraiser has been set up here : http://igg.me/at/doghousefire/x/1809269

  6. Jady says:

    Please contribute to the campaign....

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