3-Sep-2013 (Tue) Wherein parklet construction has finally, unambiguously begun!

Look, our parklet has a steel frame! Those numbers and diagonal lines stenciled on the steel are where the upright fins are going to attach. They''re numbered because each one is different.

Hopefully the platform will be finished this week, and the fins and top will go on next week.

Also we got a new refrigerator. We consolidated a couple smaller fridges into one big one. We need more space now because we've begun making our pastries and cookies in-house every morning. (They're good!)

Getting it through the doors and around the corner in the hallway was exciting. It's 7' tall. The door frame is 7'1".

That dingus with the valves is an "air dryer" as in "a thing which dries air". Apparently taking the moisture out of the air coming out of the compressor before that air is used to gently caress the beer pumps is a thing that you want, because of... reasons.

We passed a milestone on our office filing cabinet a few months ago: the front is now completely full so we've moved on to the side. Is your band on there?

Also, some recent photos and videos:

Space Town Savior
So Stoked
Trap & Bass

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  1. FWIW, the reason you want to dry your air is that if you don't, the compressor will dry it out instead, except all the water will go into your compressor and ruin it.

    • Air driers are also used on the output/compressed side of the compressor. When wet compressed air is used, it is decompressed resulting in the temperature doing down. This can result in ice forming in the line blocking the air flow. Blocked air lines are annoying in a bar.

  2. 205guy says:

    I was expecting a SOMA nature walk: restaurant builds a steel mesh outside its front door to attract and hold unsuspecting passer-bys.

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