2-Aug-2013 (Fri) Wherein an iron pipe just dissolves, and we have a blinky pyramid.

These are the kind of awesome discoveries that come with business ownership:

How does an iron pipe just up and crack like that? Beats me. What's that blue crap that looks like copper patina? Beats me.

The Kickstarter for our parklet is going really well so far! We're only a few days in and we're already at about 40% of our goal! You guys rock.

Please keep spreading the word, though, because we're not there yet. That curve is likely to level off soon, and the way Kickstarter works is, if you don't reach 100% of your goal you get zero.

We have two different events tonight! In the main room, we've got the return of One More Time, the Daft Punk tribute act, with their mammoth blinky pyramid. They sold out last time, so get your tickets! And upstairs, we've got Twitch with Vice Device performing live, who also played here back in February. There was no Twitch last month, so you should be ready for another by now, right?

7 Responses:

  1. Mike says:

    I'm suspecting galvanic corrosion (copper and iron pipe bonded together) and/or a former occupant who liked to use acid to unclog the drains.

  2. James says:

    Not so good, especially for payday... Strongly recommend a new $50-ish reward with flair, certainly not swag, maybe an experience or something unique. Steve Forbes is a cretin but he knows how to hire. Good luck, I really want to see this work.

  3. Joe Loughry says:

    It could be a penny down the drain. I don't see any obvious copper pipe but the physical configuration is right to have trapped a dropped penny at the bend. The iron is the one to corrode when that happens.

  4. Tom says:

    I had similar problems as a result of a Bad Case of Old... in this case it was on the sewer pipes buried behind my house. They shattered and began allowing soil to wash gradually into the drain with each successive rainstorm. When the time came to dig them up and replace them, we were surprised to see the workmen digging with shovels suddenly fall into a previously unseen void full of foul gases and filth. We went out to buy them some new clothes because they understandably were never able to wear what they had on again....

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