4-Jul-2013 (Thu) Wherein we are perceived as a threat to corporate security.

Someone just sent me this screen shot from their corporate firewall. Apparently the DNA Lounge web site contains Provocative Attire that is malicious or is perceived as a threat to corporate security.

Well, we are a Disorderly House Injurious to the Public Welfare and Morals, after all. Please contact the Service Desk. Thank you, drive through.

20 Responses:

  1. if BAE is checking... of course!! :p

  2. It's official lol

  3. Jen Larkin says:

    Pffft everyone knows jwz's a threat.

  4. Enric Teller says:

    Provocative atire!

  5. Adam Huffman says:

    Really now...

  6. Bill Paul says:

    sigh This is why I browse through an ssh tunnel. We also use McAfee filtering/proxying at work (Intel owns both us and them). We probably use it more for malware detection, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have the same block too.

  7. You must be proud!!

  8. 'provocative attire'

  9. New dress code prime directive: "All patrons seeking entry to DNA Lounge must be adorned in Provocative Attire."

  10. Squee! says:

    And funny thing is, the only image on that particular page that isn't street clothes is "Hunky Jesus". hmm..

  11. Piku says:

    I work in a school and this website and its highly dodgy images slip through our web filter with no problems.

    And yet trying to view the BBC website, look at XKCD or even use Google sometimes is banned.

    • Ian says:

      I used to work at a project doing health promotion for male and trans sex workers. Some youth charity gave it a web terminal. It blocked the entire bbc.co.uk site because somewhere on it was the word 'breasts'.

  12. Andrew says:

    I'm only surprised it has taken this long for Corporate Security to catch on. Oh, wait....

  13. DaveL says:

    BAE Systems is a giant defense contractor. They probably subscribe to one of those "services" that classifies pages and then slap their own logo on it. Most big companies do that, because they aren't interested in doing their own censorship (too expensive).

    What Piku said is true; wait a week and it may drop off the list, wait another and it may reappear.

  14. Steen says:

    New BSOD option!

  15. Keith S says:

    You are on the grey list at work. I have to click "Proceed" with a firm warning.

  16. Craig Knights says:

    Work at a school in IT, your pictures get filtered as Provocative for us too.. think it's based on MacAfee for us to.. No big deal, I just read the blog.. (long way from your club, maybe visit one day if I'm in America..)

  17. Jim Sweeney says:

    I would sincerely like to think my good work has contributed to this state of affairs.

  18. Anont Race says:

    There's a company in San Diego called Websense that does this kind of junk.

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