26-Jun-2013 (Wed) Wherein we show you our drawers.

Storage is always full around here, so we built a huge rolling drawer into the front of the upstairs stage! It's pretty cool. I got the idea from Bottom of the Hill, who have a similar arrangement.

Some photos of recent events:

Project Pitchfork + Ayria + The Razor Skyline
Death Guild: White Guild
Stripmall Architecture + Return to Mono

The Stripmall Architecture show was great, as always. Go get their new album!

This Friday we are hosting Gram Rabbit -- highly recommended!

Also, Mixtape 129 is up: your roughly-monthly fix of new music videos.

Have you noticed that the parking meters in front of the club have vanished? That's because, after 18 months of bureaucratic runaround, we have finally been approved for our parklet! At least until the next roadblock materializes. But we got as far as: someone came out and "inspected"; someone else came out and sprayed some X's on the sidewalk; and a third person came out and sawed off the indicated parking meters.

I'm not going to predict when the thing will actually be installed, though. You know the drill.

Back when I first talked about this I said, "Bureaucracy has been minimal so far", and it had been -- at the time. But it seems like for every parklet that was installed in SF, five new rules and two inspections were added. Somehow we managed to be just behind that tide the whole way. The earlier parklets in town went in with very little fuss, but these days it has ramped up to the usual "We will have to confiscate your ice cream cones" levels.

Butter, across the street, got theirs installed already, and they started later than we did! We're just lucky that way I guess.

Ours will have seating, a standing-height railing, and some integrated bicycle racks. Eventually.

2 Responses:

  1. 7segment says:

    This here newmeat parking meter bandit thing calls itself luke don't know nothin bout nothin.

  2. Andrew says:

    "Now put your toys away when you're done rockin' out, kids!"

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