12-Jun-2013 (Wed) Wherein we're gonna sell some merch to foreigners.

We now accept orders for tickets on non-US credit cards, and ship merchandise to non-US addresses!

We used to restrict our store to domestic cards because of... reasons... most of which probably weren't very good at the time and are probably less good these days.

So, go buy some shirts or stickers or something, and let me know if it seems to work out ok. There was math involved.

No, we do not deliver pizza internationally.

18 Responses:

  1. Foreigners! You will love your shirts! I love my tank top, post hoc ergo propter hoc, you will love yours as well!

  2. Michael says:

    I couldn't convince it to let me use a VISA Debit (failed address verification no matter what address I used, I use this card online fairly often and it usually works), but it worked with a Mastercard just fine.

    • Krunch says:

      I have the same problem. My Visa Debit works fine with most sites but here it says AVS mismatch. Sadness :(

      • jwz says:

        I can't figure out why that's happening. There don't seem to be any settings in authorize.net related to debit cards that we need to tweak.

        • Krunch says:

          I don't know shit about this but from reading Wikipedia I am thinking maybe you have access to the AVS return code that might help to understand what's going on? Maybe it's a "G" for "Non-U.S. issuing bank does not support AVS." and maybe you can decide to ignore that error condition or something? If you don't have a log of the failed transactions or a way to reproduce the problem I can help to do some testing.

          • jwz says:

            No, it's returning N, "No Match on Address (Street) or ZIP". It's really saying "that's not your address".

            • Michael says:

              And lo, did a set of stickers arrive in New Zealand (in spite of the shipping label at some point having said COOK ISLANDS, and me leaving them in the letterbox for a week):

              Chur ;)

    • Visa Debit isn't really a credit card. In weird territories that debit cards haven't properly assimilated, such as the US (or worse, China), getting random error messages from website card packages is normal. I imagine this is responsible for a significant proportion of credit card signups by people in the UK at least would otherwise use their bank-issued debit cards.

  3. Is there any additional shipping and handling for international orders?

  4. Simon Leinen says:

    Thanks, works nicely. But you could make the "state" field optional for foreign shipping addresses - in many of our tiny little countries this isn't needed.

  5. And lo, though my entreaties had gone unanswered, yeah verily did the desired effect yet eventually come about. This must be what religious faith feels like.

    Thanks, order placed without a hitch. Although I see you're missing both Vicar-Sargeant and Detective-Parson from your list of honourifics.

  6. Leolo says:

    Small point: you should state the shipper you are using (USPS, UPS, FedEx, other?). As someone who regularly gets stuff shipped USA -> Canada, I find this useful to know. Specifically, USPS is more reliable, slower and won't charge me brokerage fees, compared to the other 2.

  7. phuzz says:

    I do need some new t-shirts...

  8. Bill Paul says:

    Kim Jong-Un must be thrilled.

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