3-May-2013 (Fri) Wherein you vote for us in Best of SF.

It's that time again -- please vote for DNA Lounge, DNA Pizza and our various alumni in this year's SF Weekly Best of San Francisco poll.

Relevant categories include:

  5. Best DJ
  9. Best MC
13. Best Bartender
16. Best Gay Friendly Bar/Club
19. Best Live Music Venue
20. Best Cocktail
24. Best New Club   (Above DNA counts!)
41. Best Late Night Bite
44. Best Pizza
45. Best Sandwich   (Have you tried our new sandwiches? My favorite is the Boba Feta.)
52. Best Drag Queen
53. Best Event Producers
59. Best Place To Hear Random Screaming At 3 a.m.   (Maybe we'd rather not win this one.)

We're still bummed that last year they eliminated the "Best Dance Club" and "Best Club Night" categories, since DNA Lounge and/or Bootie won those every year, but please do vote for us in the remaining categories!

Tonight: Helmet in the main room, and Twitch with Youth Code and Sewn Leather in Above DNA.

Some recent photo galleries:

Hunky Jesus
Trap & Bass
Dope Stars Inc.
Bare Chest Calendar Contest

Also, mixtape 128 is out. Enjoy!

2 Responses:

  1. The ./thumb.html for the various galleries linked above hands me a 404-redial tone.

  2. Jim Sweeney says:

    No burlesque or variety show categories either this year --which tends to mean the Guardian will have them. They seem to switch back and forth every other year.