27-Apr-2013 (Sat) Wherein 4AM Last Call has been defeated, again.

To the great surprise of nobody, Senator Leno's bill that would have been the first step (of many) in allowing San Francisco to move Last Call from 2AM to 4AM has been defeated.

The last time we tried this was in 2004, and it did not go well that time either.

The Facebook page says:

We did not get the 6 votes needed to keep this bill alive in the state senate. This is sad news for the over 10,000 folks who emailed the state senators and all the people who wanted this to become real, we do have an opportunity.

It's telling that when you google for information about this, the only hits you find are the various "Stop SB 635" sites put up by the prohibitionists. Not even a statement on its defeat from Leno, that I can find. Clearly the opposition out-spent and out-organized those of us who wanted the laws governing how San Franciscans may spend their evenings to come from San Francisco instead of Sacramento.

There's some talk of a ballot measure to try again, but that can't happen before 2016, and it will surely just be out-organized and out-spent, like this one was.

11 Responses:

  1. Matt Heck says:

    I think they should've been told they'd already missed last call and it'd been passed.

  2. Bobby Morris says:

    I think bars should open at 3am. It only takes an hour to restock.

  3. nooj says:

    Prohibition was a neat experiment, but ultimately a failure. Why do people continue to pursue it?

    • Some combination of:

      (a) someone, somewhere is having a better time than me. CALL THE POLICE!


      • James C. says:

        You’re also forgetting a few others:

        (c) The police think whatever you’re doing is bad, so it must be bad because I can’t think for myself.

        (d) Alcoholics in my family mean that everyone who drinks is a raging violent alcoholic.

        (e) I/a friend/a family member was hit by a drunk driver so alcohol should be banned.

        (f) Religion.

    • Chris says:

      Because if at first you don't succeed... try, try again.

    • nooj says:

      "Yeah, it's legal, but it ain't a hundred percent legal. I mean, they want you to drink in your home or certain designated places during certain designated times."

  4. Crap. Oh well. The next time it comes around, I'll sign it again.

  5. For everyone's safety, I think we have to push for 24 hours. Seems like it would give people the opportunity to sober up before going home, or being ejected but not everyone at once. What does a specific time solve?

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