18-Apr-2013 (Thu) Wherein it may finally be time to ditch Justin.TV.

I'm told that Justin.TV has begun interrupting our webcasts with car commercials. Have you seen this happening? How often does it happen? I haven't seen it myself, but maybe my ad-blockers actually work.

We've been webcasting via Justin.TV since early 2008, which was very shortly after they went online. We were one of their earliest users, and probably their first user who was trying to keep the stream live 24/7. Several of their staff were really helpful making everything work, but apparently nobody I've talked to over there still works for them, and their support address isn't answering my email.

I guess it's time to find another video hosting service.

Can you recommend one that is free, and won't spam my video feeds with ads? Preferably one that will let me feed them a stream via Flash Media Live Encoder rather than a Flash plugin running in a web browser.

Meanwhile, a few new photo galleries:

Nightmare Fortress
Tales from the Donner Party

17 Responses:

  1. and ad block plus. i use both for jtv. - i mod a channel, haven't seen ads in years. http://adblockplus.org/en

  2. zero ads with adblock plus on justin.tv.

  3. Steve Klopp says:

    That's where i watched your shows from being i'm in PA. Never saw any adds. Must of just started.

  4. grェ says:

    Maybe http://zencoder.com/en/ ? I haven't used it myself... but thankfully it's possible to do live streaming to iOS devices now even. There's also wowza (licensing costs vary, also doesn't include a CDN to redistribute content and I don't seem to recall the club's bandwidth being the greatest, so you definitely want something to ease load).

    I would be really tempted to recommend Bittorrents p2p live streaming system, but iirc it still required a browser plugin (and not flash, their own); but it seems they've been making some headway into getting bittorrent clients running without plugins in-browser thanks to all the insanity of html5 and websocket.io stuff and the like, so who knows - that may be a better option imminently than it was when I last looked at it: http://live.bittorrent.com

    fwiw, live streaming systems I've worked on setting up or maintaining were generally some iteration of: windows media streaming server (pretty decent, but not what you want), real media streaming server (I hope no one wants this anymore), and then bitgravity (though one of their primary founders left long ago and support has gone downhill in some ways, it was good for its era).

    • jwz says:

      Obviously I'm talking about a CDN. Without that it's nothing.

      • grェ says:

        Yup, well Zencoder seems to fit the bill, as would bitgravity; while live.bittorrent.com side-steps the need for a CDN. There are other lesser video streaming services that offer CDN stuff as well, but I'm pretty sure even Zencoder is commercial (I know bitgravity is). I'm spacing on the name of the streaming CDN that I know some people at; but they charge too - more than just bars are trying to make ends meet. ;)

  5. this site isn't that bad. i go here for certain live streams. - works good with ad block plus as well. - http://www.ilive.to/view/43336/watch-live-1999-2002_ALL_WWF%2FE_PPVs_STREAM-_PPVDiRECT.COM-channel-for-free

  6. Craig says:

    "Can you recommend one that is free, and won't spam my video feeds with ads?"

    Isn't that a little bit like me asking "I want to see a show at DNA Lounge, and I don't want to buy a ticket, any suggestions?"

    • Phil says:

      I would guess that framing the video feed with ads is OK. I think the main issue is the interruption.

    • jwz says:

      I have been getting rebroadcasting for free and without spamming my viewers for 12 years now, and I wish to continue doing so. If that's not possible, I'll just turn the whole thing off. I am already spending more than enough money to give these free webcasts to ungrateful fucks like you, and I'm not spending any more.

      So yeah, your implication that I'm some kind of freeloading leech is duly noted. Go fuck yourself.

    • Laura Rubin says:

      No, it's more like him asking "Hey, can you please help me pass out this free stuff to people?"

  7. Matt Heck says:

    I kind of like OKCupid's approach, where if they can tell you're using AdBlock Plus, that div says, "Okay, tell you what..." and gives you an option to permanently ditch the ads for $5. Not a bad idea.

  8. adblockers efficiency varies in effect, depending on browzer.

  9. Alex Samonte says:

    You can try ustream or livestream as an alternative

  10. Problems says:

    Justin.tv seems to have moved all of their effort to their Twitch.tv brand, so maybe you can get them to respond if you try contacting them through there. Though they seem to be pushing for more ads everywhere.

    Also I would like to know if there exists a streaming service that didn't require ads or flash plugin in a browser to broadcast.

  11. I've been playing around with:

    Although if its because of bandwidth, I can understand why you'd go elsewhere.