27-Mar-2013 (Wed) Wherein we need you to show your support for a 4 AM Last Call!

Senator Mark Leno introduced a bill that would create a path for last call times as late as 4 AM. We like this. We need a large show of support for the April 9th Senate Committee hearing. Go to OptionsCA.com to send an email to you Senator (and the committee at the same time) and learn more. There's also a Facebook page.

Please pass it on!

The last time we tried this was in 2004. It did not go well.

Photos of Bootie Request Night, and of the fantastic Sandra Kolstad show last night, which all of you missed, because you people just don't listen to me:

Sandra Kolstad

The crossover in one of our monitors blew. This is post-repair. Pretty primitive stuff, huh?
More bars means more beers. We built some new shelves for keg storage. That is a lot of beer.

6 Responses:

  1. Douglie says:

    The "redraw" tool that options.ca is using to select your district is quite broken. The dots take a long time to load, and it's not at all clear which dots correspond to which locations in populated areas (there's no zoom, and no street map or other references).

    zip code lookup is pretty standard for this use case, and is super-easy. There's no need reinvent this wheel with a hard to use graphical tool that's slower than paint.

  2. Douglie says:

    Ugh, plus I can't submit without signing up for their mailing list and having my email address shared with "affiliated" groups. :( I'll just email my senator directly. If anyone else needs help finding the address for their state senator: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

  3. Matt says:

    Primitive is OK; primitive is reliable and easy to repair.

    • Steen says:

      You would think. Sadly, primitive can also refer to the number of colors available to color-code wires.

  4. vishnu says:

    There's an article in the Las Vegas Reivew Journal titled "Will California’s extended drinking hours affect Vegas?" with some interesting thoughts on the proposed legislation.

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