26-Mar-2013 (Tue) Wherein we're a bunch of sellouts, and have photos.

All four Prince shows sold out in less than two hours! Wow. Our store held up pretty well. There were a few timeouts that required us to manually fix about a hundred orders, which was a drag, but we think we've got that fixed for next time.

I see that there are a lot of parasites trying to scalp tickets at absurd multipliers already, and I gleefully look forward to their disappointment. I guess they didn't read the part on the checkout page where it said that you can't pick up your will-call tickets without presenting the credit card used for the order.

Photos and videos:

Death Guild XX
Night Club + Happy Fangs
Lebanon Hanover + Vows
Crashdiet + Crucified Barbara

The Death Guild Anniversary was the biggest Death Guild party of all time. (Of all time.)

I didn't get any photos of The Frail because we had two shows that I wanted to see on Friday, and after Happy Fangs and Night Club I went next door to see Vows and Lebanon Hanover. That's a problem I haven't had before!

Tonight's another two-event night: we've got GDC-associated chiptunes and Peelander-Z in the main room, and Sandra Kolstad, Moon Cadillac and Seatraffic in Above DNA, both of which promise to be great shows.

Also, if you still want to buy Prince tickets, we'll be raffling them off at the end of the Sandra Kolstad show. But you have to get here early!

8 Responses:

  1. Disappointing parasite scalpers is a worthy goal.

    But, won't the scalpers' customers be paying them in cash, before the show? And then won't those same customers will arrive at your will-call without the right credit card, thus being unable to collect the tickets they (over)paid for? Finally, won't it be your employees who have to deal with the scalpers' customers, while the scalpers can simply muffle their ringing phones under the piles of afore-mentioned cash?

    • James says:

      Short of putting the purchaser's photo on the tickets which is probably a huge pain for both sales and customers, Louis C.K. has been issuing them with special terms buying scalped tickets to try to cancel all of them purchased by scalpers. (IP address? Cookies? DOM state?)

      • phuzz says:

        The photos on tickets thing works pretty well for Glastonbury, although I think people are more likely to put up with it when they're paying getting on for £200 for a ticket, adn they're expecting to queue to get in, but I'm not sure how well it would work for a smaller venue, as it requires would be punters to pre-register a photo before the tickets are even on sale.

        (They still have some tickets without photos for staff members, but you have to show up with photo ID).

        Mind you, every bloody year when the Glastonbury tickets go on sale, the servers go down, so kudos for your (presumably homebrew?) servers staying up.

    • Mrbill says:

      Perhaps the scalpers will just pop by and pick up the tickets, then hand them to their victims.

  2. Marie Obrien says:

    Prince always has it like that. Hes ageless. Hes a phenominal man for sure.

  3. Rob says:

    Scalpers can now just use disposable prepaid credit cards for this. When you buy, they'd send you the emptied credit card and the confirmation code.

  4. bendra says:

    Absurd multipliers, you arent' kidding!

    $1900/pop, sheesh!

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