22-Mar-2013 (Fri) Wherein PRINCE!!!!

You guys.

Prince is playing four shows at DNA Lounge on Tue Apr 23 and Wed Apr 24 -- two shows each night!


Tickets are on sale right now:

Some of you heard about this on Wednesday night when the beans were spilled on a webcast -- we can tell from the email and phone calls we've been getting already, oh yes -- but we didn't have permission to say anything until just now.

I think the last time Prince performed at DNA Lounge was in April 1997 (almost exactly 16 years ago!) and before that, in April 1993. But those were secret-ish late-night gigs after his main show at much larger venues. This time, we're an official stop on the tour!


29 Responses:

  1. 250 dooooollarrrrsss >_<

  2. If I can't afford a 700 dollar cat jacket, I certainly can't afford this either. *sigh*

  3. Ramón Vera says:

    Ouch. $250 a ticket? Oh well. I've seen him plenty of times. Guess I'll have to skip these shows.

  4. + $25 service fee.

  5. Thomas Lord says:

    (No affiliation to DNA) Why? Think of it this way: aside from it being, well, Prince at DNA.... this is four likely-to-be-well-attended $250 shows on a *Tuesday* and a *Wednesday* (because, well, *Prince*).

  6. Thomas Lord says:

    But.... any chance ..... webcast?

  7. Scott says:

    You just blew my mind.

  8. is it for a charity or something?

  9. Pricey? Yes. But if you're a true fan (and I don't mean those frizzed up white chicks waiting for "Let's Go Crazy" and "Gett Off"), worth every penny.

  10. Noah Ramon says:

    …Well, DAMN. High fives and congrats all around.

  11. Wow! Also, $275 a ticket. WOW. Not saying he's not worth it... but... wow.

  12. Eric says:

    Hopefully 4 sold-out shows at $250 a shot will help pay for a bunch of money-losing cool shows I can afford to go to.

  13. Tony Tissot says:

    That's funny....

  14. Pam M Rick says:

    I was expecting $350 so I'm STOKED!!!

  15. I get the small venue thing. I have been to shows at small venues in SF Bimbos and Red Devil Lounge that were not near this price. Was even able to get VIP seating at Red Devil that didn't come near this price. There was general admission seating at Bimbos but still not $250 per person. I think the tickets could have been priced lower. I have seen Prince MANY times in the past so I'll just let this one go. I don't think anything will ever top the show I went to during the Musicology era at Butter Restaurant in NYC when I got to stand in front of Prince the ENTIRE show. And I still didn't pay $275 for that. I'm sure a great time will be had by those that do attend tho. This true fan will sit this one out.

  16. Spark Allen says:

    I've been a "true" fan ever since I saw him perform I Wanna be Your Lover on American Bandstand in 1980, but there is NO way I can afford $250+. that's just insane.

  17. Diana Perez says:

    250 pop and sold out in an 2 hours

  18. Rachel Pina says:

    All sold out!! ;( Can there be another show since these 4 sold out Please!!!

  19. DNA Lounge says:

    Whether it's worth $250 to you to see Prince in a place as small as DNA Lounge is for you to decide, of course, but I don't know why you would have expected him to charge less!

    When Prince played *three nights* at Oracle Arena in 2011 -- which has a capacity of 20,000 people -- prices ranged from $50 for nosebleed to $250 for seats that were still farther away from the stage than DNA Lounge is from Slim's. Oh, and $35 for parking. And TicketMaster probably charged a 50% to 75% markup on top of that.

    Since all four shows sold out in about two hours, I guess we know that quite a lot of people thought it was a fair price.

  20. Rachel Pina says:

    Please Please add another show not all his fans got tickets!! Havent missed him since I was 13 not tryn to start now, do you know if hes coming to Oakland or San Jose.. Teresa Perez

  21. Rachel Pina says:


  22. My wife and I have seen Prince 13 times. This is NOT some fly by night hack thrashing around on stage. Its PRINCE. Prices are fair and will be worth every penny! Save your money for things you enjoy.

  23. AustinDave says:

    Holy balls.. he only did 1 show at sxsw. We're pretty weak sauce it seems.. or jwz went over to the four seasons and schmoozed the heck out of them.

  24. Shaida Sabin says:

    If anyone wants to see him for less, he's playing at the Hard Rock in Vegas and the ticket prices are under $100, but it's a 4,000 seat venue. And I'm going!!!

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