21-Mar-2013 (Thu) Wherein we have come to re-brand your Apple logos!

The new stickers are in! Check this out:

These are specially formulated to re-brand laptops! They are die-cut foil: the DNA Lounge logo is a transparent cut-out. If you stick one of these over the glowing Apple logo on your laptop, the DNA logo will light up, and no other light bleeds through!

You will see no "Ghost Apple" like you always see with other, lesser stickers. The animation above is not a simulation. That's exactly what the video I shot looked like, with the sticker on an Apple laptop.

At the low low price of $1, that's just one of your Yankee Dollars!

It took us quite some time -- like, three years -- to both figure out how to make this work, and then to find someone willing to actually do it, let me tell you.

So please buy them up, ok?

14 Responses:

  1. Ed says:

    You ok with me cutting out just the logo and using that as my sticker?

  2. Amy says:

    I need to find some way cool to take advantage of that, since I don't have a laptop that glows. Way cool though.

  3. MattyJ says:

    I've never regretted buying a Dell more than I have today.

  4. Buddy Casino says:

    Those look pretty good, I like the details.
    Are you going to tell us how you achieved sticker superiority?

    • phuzz says:

      I'm going to guess some kind of inkjet using UV inks to print onto the foil, possibly cut out with the same machine? I'd use one of these, but that would only work for small runs.

      Damn, working for a printing manufacturer really filled my head with useless info...

  5. Where did you get them made!?

  6. Eric says:

    Are you willing to share the vendor name (via email if necessary)? My employer might be interested in doing logo stickers of this type.

  7. Scott says:

    Absolutely fantastic, absolutely ordered.

  8. TimeDoctor says:

    I am going to make a detour to pick up a few of these at DNA next week. Super cool.

  9. Oh man... I went and picked out some stickers, a shirt and a coffee mug, and then I find out that because I'm in Australia I can't use my VISA and I have to send you a cheque? I don't even have a chequebook. Can't you accept paypal or something? I'm happy to do whatever so long as it doesn't require me trying to get to a physical bank to send you money. :-/

    • jwz says:

      Sorry. We stopped accepting non-US cards ages ago because nearly every attempted use of such was fraudulent. The spammers ruin everything. We can't have nice things.

      Also we sell approximately twenty cents worth of merch a year, and oddly enough, people in other countries only rarely try to buy tickets to our events.

      I haven't bothered trying to integrate Paypal into our store for two reasons. First: the last time I checked, Paypal's rates were extortionate compared to real banks. And second: we get less than one request a year for it.

      • Grey Hodge says:

        "Sign in with Twitter" no longer works for commenting here by the way. It states there is no token attached to the URL.

    • Grey Hodge says:

      Email me at grey@hodge.be and we can work something out. I'll buy them, and resend them on to you for cost, if you want.

  10. Lloyd says:

    Now you've figured out the process, can you talk to Prince's people and do something similar for That Symbol? Prince at the DNA Lounge souvenir laptop sticker!

    (Alas, the size of the ++ungood; sticker is such that it will never glow - but ++ungood; does cover the large TOSHIBA logo really well.)

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