12-Jan-2013 (Sat) Wherein the webcasts get an upgrade, and this year's photos begin.

I've made a pretty big change to how our audio webcasts work:

It used to be that all the audio webcasts went to an external player, like iTunes. I've changed it so that now they play on the page, using jPlayer. So on the Webcasts and Archives pages, clicking the "Live", "DNA Radio" or "Listen" links will play in the player thingy at the bottom. Clicking on the "time" links in the archive will move the "seek" slider for you.

So please let me know if it's working properly for you in whatever weirdo web browser or phone you are using!

There are still a couple of iPhone/iPad-related bugs that I haven't figured out. If you know how to fix these, please let me know:

  1. The "seek" slider is unclickable. I assume this is some kind of z-index nonsense.
  2. When you click on a "time" number it often just starts at the beginning anyway instead of seeking there. Some kind of race?

Our final photo galleries of 2012 and our first galleries of 2013 are up:

Bootie Post-Apocalypse
Bootie NYE
Bootie NYE Do-Over
Atlas Obscura: The Emperor's City

The Atlas Obscura thing was awesome: it was a seated event in Above DNA with presentations on San Francisco history and Emperor Norton, topics close to my heart. Next month they're doing Tales From The Winchester House, which also should be great. You should buy advance tickets for that, because this one sold out. Since we're doing these upstairs, and with chairs, we can only do about 80 people.

So, funny story behind this photo: I wore a jacket to this event that I hadn't worn in a while, and when I put it on I reached into my pocket and discovered a filthy, crumpled bill drawn on The Imperial Government of Norton I! Complete coincidence. I don't actually remember where I got it, but since in the other pocket was a rubber wristband that said "WHAT WOULD KINGFISH DO?" I can only assume it was from the Hubba Hubba San Francisco show.

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