16-Nov-2012 (Fri) Wherein we swap rooms tonight!

Here's something we haven't had the ability to do before: it turns out that ticket sales for tonight's Drop the Lime + Tenderlions show were kind of light, so we moved that show to Above DNA, and were able to book a different DJ event in the main room on the same night, at the last minute: Sebastiaan Van Beest. So that's handy!

It's a little weird in that this required the event's URL to change, since those are tied to the room, so if someone clicks on an old link to Drop the Lime, they'll get the other event instead, but, oh well. It probably won't happen often.

(I don't know Sebastiaan, but both Drop the Lime and Tenderlions put on a fun show, so you should come!)

I have already received my first email saying, "Hey, where's the webcast??" about an Above DNA event, since currently the webcast is only set up for the main room. The reason for that is: it's a hugely complicated pain in the ass, and we haven't gotten around to doing anything about it yet. And we may never; I haven't decided yet.

Here's an entertaining review of last week's Kitty Pryde show:

SFBG: Ladies and gentleman, hip-hop 2012: Kitty Pryde, Main Attrakionz, Hottub

If you took a break from the Internet last week/summer, you may have missed that she's a Daytona Beach teenager currently assuming the "ruining hip-hop" mantle with her geekiness, doodles, weird voices. But unlike say, Ke$ha, Kitty Pryde can rap and like a rapper, she combats haters with considerable grace and counter-aggresiveness.

She spent the first handful of songs breathily self-deprecating, comparing herself unfavorably with the opening acts and squeaking. Her EP is called haha i'm sorry, as befitting a rap parody of a teenage white girl.

There are, as usual, no photos of this landmark event.

It was... something. Kitty Pryde mostly sat down on the stage and giggled through her songs, sometimes letting the A.D.D. get the best of her and getting bored halfway through and telling her DJ "OK, let's do the next one now". Her show was certainly not something I had seen before... but I don't go to a lot of junior-high talent shows. Not since we hosted BrokeNCYDE has a show "touched" me in this way. I feel like I've been given a "Rusty Tumblr", if you know what I mean and I think you do.

In the opinion of this reporter, and upon consultation with DNA Lounge's resident experts in the field, I can tell you without hesitation that Main Attrakionz are everything that is wrong with hiphop. They have both samples on the soundboard: the "shotgun" and the "airhorn". Thank you, fellow on the left, for repeating "Uhh!" into your mic for the whole show. Thank you, fellow on the right, for repeating "Yo!" into your mic for the whole show.

Also they were repeatedly guilty of "Frisco" Violations. Inexcusable.

Hottub were fun, though.

Incidentally, if Kitty Pryde is the kind of trainwreck that is your kind of trainwreck, then I strongly advise you to attend Taboo next Friday, Nov 23, to have yourself a Brooke Candy experience.

I probably shouldn't be allowed to write reviews.

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  1. pavel_lishin says:

    > Thank you, fellow on the left, for repeating "Uhh!" into your mic for the whole show. Thank you, fellow on the right, for repeating "Yo!" into your mic for the whole show.

    Every time I mention that I typically dislike rap, and cite this sort of thing as an example, friends fall all over themselves linking me to videos to prove to me that their favorite rapper is different!

    Then I point out that the 30 seconds worth of introduction I lasted through consists of nothing but "uh yo uh yo".

  2. nooj says:

    y u no dnalounge.com/shows/drop-the-lime?
    i think
    Bootie SF has earned a top-level link by now.

    i've taken your advice and started looking up everyone you post a picture of.

  3. Edouard says:

    No, someone is going to have to help me out on the Rusty Tumblr reference...

  4. SpiralInsana says:

    Dear Mr. JWZ;

    I love you.

    I love you for your reviews, that is.

    I wish I could pay you all of the money, EVER, to write reviews FOR EVER.

    I'm serious.


    A person of absolutely no importance.

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