14-Nov-2012 (Wed) Wherein we'd like "Entertainment" to be legal on Eleventh Street.

There's a meeting on Thu Nov 15 at 6pm at Don Ramon's that you might want to attend.

The new Western SOMA zoning plan would make it impossible for a new entertainment venue to ever open on Eleventh Street, and would make it easier for even more condos to be built in between the existing nightclubs. Should any club close, it could be replaced with housing, but no new clubs could ever open.

Supervisor Kim is considering supporting a revision of the plan that would make entertainment be a fully permitted use on Eleventh between Folsom and Harrison.

You know, the block where all of the clubs are.

Jim Meko seems to think it's 1998 again and is trying to do some rabble-rousing to stir up the "condos versus clubs" battle again:

Kim ponders radical realignment of 11th Street neighbor/nightclub zoning

To hear tell, business would be booming and we~d all be dancing in the streets if it were not for "the purple building" and "that lady on Norfolk alley who keeps complaining." Such is the state of denial the California Music and Culture Association (CMAC) lives in as they plot to foment another war between neighbors and nightclubs in South of Market.

"Radical realignment" my ass. He even throws "But think of your property values!!" in there, too.

Seriously, Jim? Still? After all this time?

Anyway, if you think that entertainment should be allowed on Eleventh Street, you should go to the meeting and make your voice heard, lest it die by forced attrition. I don't look forward to a future where we're the only club left on this block, surrounded by nothing but million dollar condos.

If entertainment had been a "permitted use" on Eleventh street two years ago, opening the Above DNA space would have cost me about $100,000 less.

I'm not even kidding.

5 Responses:

  1. Again with the Fun Police. Good God SF WTF!?!

  2. Bradley Dunn says:

    100k funds a hell of a independent expenditure operation. Im just saying

  3. Vincent Janelle says:

    This happened in Vancouver. Now we have a row of top 40 clubs where all the fighting and police are concentrated.

  4. n/a says:

    I'm a neighbor who lives in a condo building on 11th, right down the street from your club. Why didn't you guys put some fliers in the mailboxes of the various buildings along 11th to invite us so that we can speak up about this rezoning crap? I moved into this neighborhood because I actually like the night life scene, and even came to a few of the city hall supervisor meetings when beatbox was planning on opening up to help them plead their case. Maybe next time something important like these meetings happen, you should give us more than a day's advance notice to get involved.

  5. Arlo Kirschner says:

    Wat is that article, I don't even. My mind is boggling so hard it's moderately painful. That's partially due to the less than flowing or effective writing, but the content is not effing helping either. Also, which club is it that's making enough money to buy elections? I want to check that place out.