14-Sep-2012 (Fri) Wherein archival footage is unearthed.

Sharkbait was a band who put on some of the best live shows I have ever seen in my life. I saw these guys dozens of times, mostly at the dearly-departed Paradise Lounge, right up the street. Someone just posted this video to Youtube of them playing at DNA Lounge almost exactly twenty-two years ago, on Sep 16, 1990. IT IS AMAZING YOU GUYS.

The fire! The smoke! It was a simpler time, when you could put on shows like this without living in constant fear of getting sued or having your insurance revoked.

Also, I think Condescending Wonka has something to say about this:

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  1. J. Peterson says:

    Looks like what you'd get if SRL took up Taiko drumming.

  2. Glen Raphael says:

    All they need now is some blue face paint!

    I had not until this moment considered incorporating the musical qualities of a Piccolo Pete into a musical performance. Hmmm...

  3. gths says:

    Holy crap that was awesome.

  4. Leolo says:

    Thanks for a reminder that I used to like Industrial music.

    • Adolf Osborne says:

      The world was a better place before those Whitesnake fuckers went and blew themselves up, and this video is a wonderful witness of this. Fire is always awesome (in all meanings of the word), and when it's handled properly it's even safe. There's all sorts of fireproof ways to build a stage set, and all sorts of ways to protect a building from fire (sprinklers are a hell of a good start, which The Station didn't have).

      I don't know what particular kind of foam was used at The Station, or why it burned so quickly (perhaps it was painted or otherwise treated for visual appeal), but my experience (a few years prior to that incident) of trying to burn a chunk of Studiofoam(tm) was a complete failure. The stuff turned intumescent very quickly when exposed to fire, which always caused it to rapidly self-extinguish -- nothing like the approximate 1-foot-per-second flame spread reported at The Station.

      If I had money to burn, I'd get a some large-ish sheets of Studiofoam, hang them vertically, and film a video of the mess being bombarded with various fireworks and blowtorches. I expect that such an endeavor would be very smokey and stinky, and possibly a lot of fun, but still very unexciting with regards to burning foam unless it were soaked with some manner of accelerant (which would make a fine finale).

      • J. Peterson says:

        s/Whitesnake/Great White/

      • There are two kinds of foam panel, one fire resistant, one not fire resistant (I'm guessing it's ok to use that between drywall or something). They used the non fire resistant, when code said they should have used fire resistant. That is what I remember.Safety law is written in blood.And people will head out the way the came in, even if it is a bad idea.

        • Wikipedia says I'm wrong, that the nature of the foam has never been released into the public record.Also, the building should have had sprinklers, as the conversion to nightclub ended it's exemption, but it seems that no one realized that. That would have suppressed the fire enough to minimize deaths.

  5. steen says:

    My thoughts while watching this:
    "Yeah! FUCK YEAH! AWESOME! ... we used to have ceiling fans?"

    Also, just reading the band list from 1990-1994 sends me into paroxysms of Get Off My Lawn.

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