13-Sep-2012 (Thu) Wherein the tentacles attack.

So, we got some of this:

Most of those tubes will contain sweet, sweet life-giving beer. Some of those tubes will contain sweet, sweet life-giving antifreeze.

We also got some of this:

My photos of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult are up now. This is, I think, the sixth time we've had them. I do love that band.

So, Groovie Mann was setting up the merch booth and Barry went over and said, "Hi, great to have you guys back again." Groovie responded,

"Yeah, this is my favorite place to play... I mean, it's one of my favorites... I mean... I usually remember it..."

We went from "Baby, you're the only one for me" to "Yeah so what was your name again?" within the same breath! That's ok, though, they're a sleazy band; you don't expect breakfast after.

Second best story of the day was a phone call:

"Hi, my teenage daughter went to see the Korpiklaani show at your club last night, and apparently after the show, she got on the tour bus and went to Arizona."

"And... how can I help you?"

"She asked me to call and see if her bike is still locked up outside?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rock and Roll.

7 Responses:

  1. Well, don't keep us haning: is her bike still there?

  2. DusK says:

    "Sweet, sweet life-taking antifreeze", surely. What with the kidney failure and all.

  3. Huh. I don't think that tour was going to Arizona. Those wacky Finns!

  4. I think I missed the first mention of the anti-freeze. Is it circulated as a refrigerant to keep the beer in the other tubes cold, or is it just that some of your clientele is a little more varied in their sources of nourishment and intoxication than we plebian humans realize?

  5. DC Dan says:

    Well was the bike still there?

  6. Matty J. says:

    I accidentally saw TKK open for Ministry in San Diego a few years back (egad, now that I do the math, it was 8 years ago) and they absolutely blew the roof off the dump. I had to leave two songs into Ministry's set because it sounded like bad Disco to me. Never follow an animal act, friends.

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