11-Aug-2012 (Sat) Wherein there are a bunch of photos.

Some more photos!

Also here's your first look at the new stairs connecting the second floors of DNA Lounge and DNA Pizza. Plus, the new bar is starting to solidify:

Also we now have stylish and tasteful refrigerator magnets that we're including with every delivery. Unfortunately we had to return most of them because the registration was off by almost ¼" on 90% of them. Quality is job 8 or 9, apparently.

3 Responses:

  1. bluknight says:

    Y'know, I'd do a delivery order myself. Unfortunately, I think that Montana is just a little outside your delivery area.

  2. Finding quality screenprinting is getting more and more difficult. I was the best screenprinter in a city of 3M people and I had only 3 years of experience and used homemade equipment. Pretty sad.

  3. ardgedee says:

    How much would a fridge magnet be, postpaid, to people outside DNA Pizza's standard delivery area?

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