Our landlord shared with me these two amazing photos he has from his grandfather, the fellow who literally built DNA Lounge, nearly a century ago!

I've tweaked my 1906-1998 page accordingly. Look at how dapper that fellow is. Just look at him.

Also, we got our Place of Entertainment and Extended Hours Premises permits for the new, combined space:

I think this means that if we wanted to book a DJ inside DNA Pizza (downstairs) right now, we could. Not that we do want to, because that would be awful. But, it's there.

Construction upstairs trundle along. Nothing particularly photogenic this week.

Some photos of recent events:

The Flying Tiger Circus show was awesome, as always.

One of the things they tend to do during intermission at these shows is brand people for free (and as I'm sure I've joked before, pokes in the eye with a sharp stick are also complimentary). So this time, the brand on hand was of the number "23" because it's (more or less) the 23rd anniversary of Body Manipulations, and Paul mentioned that this had previously been their "13" brand, but he just re-welded the "1" into a "2".

The thing is, they used that "13" brand at their thirteenth anniversary... which was here, a decade ago. Time really flies amidst the smell of burning pork!

Thursday's Me First and the Gimme Gimmes show sold out a few days ago, so thank you! If you dawdled, there will be a few tickets for sale at the door but you'll have to get here early. I'll probably give a few away on the Twitters and the Facebooks, which I do every now and then. There's also one VIP package left.

Some more photos!

Also here's your first look at the new stairs connecting the second floors of DNA Lounge and DNA Pizza. Plus, the new bar is starting to solidify:

Also we now have stylish and tasteful refrigerator magnets that we're including with every delivery. Unfortunately we had to return most of them because the registration was off by almost ¼" on 90% of them. Quality is job 8 or 9, apparently.

The bar is really looking like a bar! All that remains is to hook up the sinks, put the bar surface on, and stucco the front. Hopefully it will come out looking just like the bars next door.

The new bathrooms are fully functional! I can tell you this from firsthand experience. As you can see, we went with boring porcelain this time instead of the stainless steel prison toilets. They're just too fucking expensive. We'll see how long last and whether that was a false economy.

The new front door is installed. They made us replace the perfectly functional old door because the door has to open out, but it's not allowed to overlap the sidewalk, which means had to build an alcove for it and a new frame farther inside the building. Hooray.

Here's the DNA Lounge Hazmat Team finishing up the soundproofing on the front windows. The space between the exterior wall and the new, angled interior wall is filled with fiberglass insulation above and below the two sets of windows. The apparent "shelf" connecting the two walls is actually cloth, so that there's no physical connection between the two except the ceiling and floor. And the windows in the interior wall were installed today, so now it's all sealed up tight.

When we have bands up there, you're gonna be able to see them from the street. I think that will be pretty awesome.

The big unknown at this point is still the liquor license. It's impossible to ever get a straight answer out of ABC. They almost never return our phone calls and when they do they answer with things like, "Oh, I think there might have been a protest, that we never bothered to tell you about, and if so that would mean we'd need to have a hearing, so that could take four months, but I'll have to check on that the next time I'm in the office. Oh, and I'll be out of town for two weeks starting five minutes from now. By the way, has construction started yet?"

It's awesome. All the time in the world, here, guys. No hurry.

We do actually have a deadline that we've set for ourselves.

(Uh, I mean besides "Let's be done in time for New Year's Eve, 2011.")

We hope to have all of the construction finished by Oct 1, five weeks from now, and that's looking pretty doable at this point. Once that happens, we have our final building inspections and deal with any changes they want us to make, and assuming ABC doesn't fuck us in the ass, that puts us on track for our opening date of Oct 27.

I don't think I've mentioned that here before, but yeah, your first opportunity to party down in the two new rooms will be at Halloween Booootie on the Saturday of Halloween weekend! All four rooms will be open as one giant club.

Then your next opportunity will be on Halloween proper, when we are doing the traditional DNA Lounge All Hallow's Eve party, except that this year it gets to be twice as big!

Dear ABC, please don't fuck us in the ass, love jwz.

And here are some photos of recent events:


(Nobody ever seems to take photos of Trannyshack, but there are a few videos.)

We got some good ABC news today. I know, you don't understand those words in that order, do you? It has now moved into a rarified state known as "Section 24044", which means "Approved Pending Final Inspection". This means that ABC is claiming that there are no outstanding protests, and we don't have to go through a hearing, which is fantastic, because they had been making vague noises that they might jerk us around in that manner once again.

So, hooray.

We have a coulple new posters for sale! We got the posters in for the Thrill Kill Kult and Covenant shows next month, and you can buy those now. (That TKK poster... it's dirty! Subtle though.) So when you buy your tickets for the shows, hint hint, be sure to grab some posters too.

Photos are up of last night's Debut which was also SFIEC's tenth anniversary, so congratulations to them!

Also: I know it still feels like summer, but this is the time of year when our November and December dates start filling up, so if you'd like to book your company's holiday party here, now's the time! Please pass along our Rentals page to the folks at your company who organize such things, ok?