6-Jul-2012 (Fri) Wherein we get wood.

Now that's a big piece of wood:

Do you think it was cheap? I'm guessing not cheap.

It's going to add additional support to the ceiling above the new bar. We're not changing anything about that ceiling, and it's been there for, let's say, 80 years, but our structural engineer had a whim of some kind, and so, a new beam goes in.

You know, people often wise-crack that software engineering isn't real engineering because it's not rigorous, or doesn't contain enough proofs or something, but they sure look the same to me in one fundamental area: Second System Syndrome.

Say you've got a project (code, or a building) and it needs a new feature. The hacker says, "Let's do the minimal amount of work necessary to implement this." But the engineer says, "Well you know what you ought to do is throw everything away and start over. And we'll totally do it right this time."

Easy to say when you're spending someone else's money and time.

We're closed tonight. On a Friday. Which is a tragedy.

One of our promoters canceled at the last minute because he realized his party was going to tank. He was probably right, and we'll probably lose less money being closed than we would have being open, but it's still depressing. We are still having a ridiculously difficult time filling up our Friday nights. The only options we're finding are for parties that would be a really bad idea, either because of violence or the spectre of cock.

I can't believe how much this stupid construction project is costing. We are ridiculously over-budget. The fact that we can't fill Fridays is not helping.

6 Responses:

  1. Rae says:

    Your club and my feature sound very similar right now. :/

  2. Al Iverson says:

    So, I suppose it would be bad to come up with a Friday night event called THE SPECTRE OF COCK?

  3. Adolf Osborne says:


  4. James says:

    Are the new plastic structural fiberglass blend beams fire code safe yet?

  5. Steen says:

    Now commencing countdown to us seeing here pictures of Spectres Of Cock playing live.

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