27-Jun-2012 (Wed) Wherein there are some construction photos.

Here's something we will probably never see again: the interior of DNA Lounge lit by sunlight! It's from the hole in the roof where the dormer above the new stairs connecting the second floors will go.

Some more shots of the roof work:

This will soon be a roof.

This used to be a roof.

You may have noticed in one of my earlier photos that the roof-cutting revealed some text painted on the South wall of the pizza place, which hasn't been exposed to view since before DNA Lounge was built... It's very dirty in there and hard to read even with a flashlight, but the letters I was able to make out were S_RIES. I'm guessing "ACCESSORIES". But to what? To WHAT??

Let's take a tour of the rest of the roof!

The back room, exterior view.

Bathroom vents.

This is the fan for the hood above the pizza ovens.

Hey, remember the kiosks? They're still up there, rotting.

And back inside:

The floors are being tiled in the new bathrooms.

Meanwhile, bad news in the women's room.

So here's something you don't ever want someone to say to you: "So, when you flush this toilet a bunch of times, water comes out... between the floor tiles... six feet away."

Because when they say that, it results in the above photo of someone jackhammering up your floor.


Oh, also, a couple of the other toilets are leaking. You know, the indestructible stainless steel ones that cost like $2K each, because they last "forever" (not to mention "suicide proof", "no crevices for hiding of contraband", and "foolproof and incapable of error". The theory is that they have developed pinhole leaks in the bowls. Because apparently you don't want to put anything caustic like urine in a toilet. Ok, they're 12 years old now, but still. My idea is, "turn them over, open them up, and coat the underside of the bowl with an inch of epoxy", but our plumber doesn't think that will work.

In addition to being a construction site, we are also a dance club. There are some recent photos of that, too:

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6 Responses:

  1. Paul Sleigh says:

    I think it's very noble of you to do this for your city. We all know that the next big quake is due in San Francisco any year now, but what you've evidently discovered is that earthquakes love irony. So you're doing all this expensive, aggravating and above all slow construction work, knowing that as soon as it's all the done the irony meter will go off the scale, the big one will hit once and for all, and Nevada will get a beach. So, by sheer force of will and applied bad luck, you're delaying the inevitable, possibly by years, and through your publication of the inanity of SF zoning laws and bureaucracy, you're encouraging a mass migration east by all sane people. You're a hero!

  2. James Salsman says:

    The bachelorette partiers with commemorative t-shirts at Bootie crack me up.

  3. JP Montagnet says:

    Accessories to murder. Of course.

  4. Dan Price says:

    So, you've torn this place up a few times now...what's your opinion of the quality of construction of the building in general? It sounds like it has "good bones", but have you ever run into something from the original building that elicited a "WTF?"

  5. I'm taking a moment of silence for the kiosks.

  6. Cymen Vig says:

    I think you're onto something with the epoxy idea. This is what they use in the motorcycle world for pin hole leaks in metal fuel tanks: POR15.

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