4-May-2012 (Fri) Wherein we've got walls and stickers.

The new bathrooms now have walls, ceilings, capped plumbing fixtures and working electricity. Progress marches on. Or at least moseys. Here are some photos of stuff:

I think Barry just christened the new men's room.

You can really get a sense of the (odd) shape of the room now.

Some day this will be a sink instead of a faucet stub.

After some adjustments, this piece of junk will be the bar in the back room.

Hey look, most of the front room's sound system has arrived.

New, small ice maker. Sufficient? Time will tell.

Also! We have new stickers. The new ones are green-on-black instead of black-on-white and white-on-black like the old batch. Just $1 each, go get 'em!

But most importantly (to me, anyway) these actually have the correct aspect ratio. Whoever printed the old stickers stretched the image to fit the sticker instead of centering it, meaning the circular part of the logo wasn't actually a circle. Most people wouldn't notice this, but it always drove me crazy.

I regret to report that these stickers do not glow in the dark. Our t-shirts glow in the dark, but after literally years of trying, we were unable to find anyone who can print glow-in-the-dark green ink on paper or vinyl products. Shirts, yes; stickers, no. Oh, sure, some of them will say they can print green, but what they mean by that is glowstick yellow, which is a little bit green-ish, but is not in fact the DNA Green. I decided it was better to have a non-glowing logo than a yellow logo, so there you have it. (A few months back I bitched about this at length on my other blog -- part 1 and part 2 -- if you're interested in the details of this fool's errand.)

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    You monster. Now where am I going to sleep?

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