30-Apr-2012 (Mon) Wherein you vote for us in Best of SF.

It's that time again -- please vote for DNA Lounge, DNA Pizza and our various alumni in this year's SF Weekly Best of San Francisco poll.

Relevant categories include:

8. Best DJ
16. Best Bartender
19. Best Gay friendly Bar/Club
22. Best Live Music Venue
48. Best Late Night Dining
52. Best Pizza
62. Best Drag Queen
63. Best Event Producers

Be careful as you click through to vote, because they sneakily try to sign you up for mailing lists every two or three pages.

You may notice that this year they have eliminated the categories of "Best Dance Club" and "Best Club Night". Why? Who the fuck knows why. Do they think San Francisco doesn't have those any more? This is particularly irritating since DNA Lounge and/or Bootie have won those categories every year since 2009! Should we take it personally?

Anyway, please vote for us in the remaining categories! Thanks!

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