1-Apr-2012 (Sun) Wherein there are some photos with frickin' laser beams in them.

Photos of last week's Blow Up are up. Dwntwn were really great, and you should give them a listen. Let's say, "people who liked Chromatics also liked".

Everybody loved the lasers, which I think the band brought with them. They did look fantastic, but I'm always highly conflicted about lasers. On the one hand -- lasers! But on the other hand, if you're shining a laser into someone's eye, you're a dick. Even if they're low-powered, I'm still paranoid about them, and because of our balcony, there's not really anywhere to aim lasers that isn't gonna be hitting somebody, which is a drag. So usually we avoid them. They sure are pretty, though.

A bit more progress has been made on the new bathrooms (some more framing and electrical), but nothing that visually different yet.

I still have no idea whether our permits are in progress at Building yet, or are still rotting at Planning. Nobody can tell us. Nobody returns our calls.

We're still looking for a general manager for the pizza place, preferably with experience managing coffee shops or morning-oriented restaurants. Please send us any leads you can think of, because Craigslist is pretty much a horror show in all things. In my experience, the best way to find someone who's good at their job is through a friend-of-a-friend recommendation. I can't remember the last time a resumé-hire actually worked out.

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  1. Arlo Kirschner says:

    Fuck yeah, lasers. There's totally room for lasers to flicker about on the support beam below the balcony railing. I vote we just set up some lasers with their beams restricted to that area and assume nothing will go wrong.

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