12-Dec-2011 (Mon) Wherein the photos are legion.

We have our usual metric shitload of photos of Blow Up, plus photos of Mortified's sold out 6 Year Annivesary, Ümloud, and some videos (but no photos) of Korpiklaani and Next Big Thing.

You can watch an archive the entire video webcast of Ümloud on Gamespot's Ustream channel.

Also, here's a fun article and video about occasional Mortified house band Live Evil and their party bus: Live Evil versus the Work Day.

2 Responses:

  1. Erbo says:

    First you had Epica, now you've had Korpiklaani...

    I swear, if you manage to book Nightwish, I am going to have to DRIVE all the way out there from Denver. Because seeing them THERE would just be TOO AWESOME.

  2. If you were not at the Korpiklaani show, committing seppuku would not be inappropriate. I mean, they were rad of course, but one of the "openers", Arkona, absolutely stole the show. One of the best performances I've seen in the last decade.