5-Dec-2011 (Mon) Wherein note is taken of Mortified, Blow Up and Fringe-related media.

We are in the midst of a run of 13 consecutive days of being open, so please be gentle to our staff this week! This is somewhat unprecedented for December, so go us!

The first episode of The Mortified Sessions, the celebrity TV version of our beloved every-2nd-Friday show (which is happening here this Friday at 7pm!) aired tonight on the Sundance Channel. If you missed it, it seems to be playing quite a few more times, so go Season Pass that, ok? And this week is their 6 year anniversary, so it should be quite the show.

Followed later that night, as always, by Blow Up. About which Austy Pants made this very odd little PSA:

So... there's that...

Also, photos are up of Fringe, which was great fun, and of Silicon Valley Rocks, our Thursday fundraiser for Music in Schools Today.

And! Today is the 78th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. I'll drink to that.

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