4-Nov-2011 (Fri) Wherein there's a Halloween recap, and some photos but not enough!

Well, we've got some photos of four of our five Halloween events: the Imperative Reaction show, Trannyshack's Halloween, DNA Lounge's Halloween, and Death Guild's Halloween!

That's not very many photos, and I don't see photos of a lot of fantastic costumes that I remember seeing, because you people are just unreliable! So many cameras, and yet, so few photos posted anywhere I can find them! Is this because nobody uses Flickr any more and everybody posts their galleries friends-only on Facebook now, or what? If you took pictures, please send me a link!

In Sunday's costume contest, first place quite deservedly went to the archangels and their crimson-hued "coworker", and third place went to the giant yeti puppet dude, but sadly, second place was stolen by a spastic Harry Potter in a twelve dollar Halloween-store costume. It was a complete travesty, but apparently this guy brought two hundred close friends with him who out-cheered almost everyone else. Very upsetting. I kept hoping the fourth-place Ramona Flowers would pound him flat with her hammer. "Look, coins!"

Aside from that ugly moment, though, there were a ridiculous number of fantastic costumes!

Turnout was crazy, too, especially on Monday. We didn't expect anywhere near that kind of turnout on a Monday, even if it was the 31st. That was our higest-attended Death Guild by almost a factor of 2, and our fourth-highest-attended Halloween event ever (and both #1 and #2 were Booties!)

So thanks to everyone who came out! You have done your Halloween-centric city proud.

But just to prove that we can't have nice things, apparently on Saturday night someone stole another of the posters off of the wall of the pizza place. And this time it wasn't from the bathroom: they took it right off the dining room wall in front of everybody. Fortunately it was just a printout, but apparently if we want to hang on to the rest of them, including a bunch of rare originals, now we have to spend days screwing all the frames to the wall. So thanks for that, whoever you are. We really appreciate it.

Don't miss tonight's Pop Roxx, as it's likely to be the last one for at least a year! The color theme is purple, and the musical guest is The Hundred Days:

We've put in a requisition to have an extra Saturday added to each week, because clearly we've run out. You know how the bureaucracies are, though, so this could take a while.

4 Responses:

  1. My question is, what was the staff doing during this theft? Seems like it would be hard to grab something off the wall without someone noticing. Oh wait...http://www.blogto.com/city/2011/01/is_the_hideout_poster_heist_for_real/

  2. James C. says:

    For some curious reason that I am not going to investigate, your embedded video of The Hundred Days gives me a neat little hole right through the browser, exposing my desktop. (Mac OS X 10.6.8, Chrome 16.0.912.21 beta.) Scrolling moves the port around and shows me the appropriate part of the desktop behind the browser window. It’s a nifty failure mode. I doubt you care, but I enjoy these sorts of little things and felt like I should share.

  3. Karyn Jeanne Alley says:

    Here's a link to the pics we took for the DNA Halloween: https://picasaweb.google.com/115626107667766391891/DNAHalloweenParty

    and then just a few from Halloween Death Guild:

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