Well, we've got some photos of four of our five Halloween events: the Imperative Reaction show, Trannyshack's Halloween, DNA Lounge's Halloween, and Death Guild's Halloween!

That's not very many photos, and I don't see photos of a lot of fantastic costumes that I remember seeing, because you people are just unreliable! So many cameras, and yet, so few photos posted anywhere I can find them! Is this because nobody uses Flickr any more and everybody posts their galleries friends-only on Facebook now, or what? If you took pictures, please send me a link!

In Sunday's costume contest, first place quite deservedly went to the archangels and their crimson-hued "coworker", and third place went to the giant yeti puppet dude, but sadly, second place was stolen by a spastic Harry Potter in a twelve dollar Halloween-store costume. It was a complete travesty, but apparently this guy brought two hundred close friends with him who out-cheered almost everyone else. Very upsetting. I kept hoping the fourth-place Ramona Flowers would pound him flat with her hammer. "Look, coins!"

Aside from that ugly moment, though, there were a ridiculous number of fantastic costumes!

Turnout was crazy, too, especially on Monday. We didn't expect anywhere near that kind of turnout on a Monday, even if it was the 31st. That was our higest-attended Death Guild by almost a factor of 2, and our fourth-highest-attended Halloween event ever (and both #1 and #2 were Booties!)

So thanks to everyone who came out! You have done your Halloween-centric city proud.

But just to prove that we can't have nice things, apparently on Saturday night someone stole another of the posters off of the wall of the pizza place. And this time it wasn't from the bathroom: they took it right off the dining room wall in front of everybody. Fortunately it was just a printout, but apparently if we want to hang on to the rest of them, including a bunch of rare originals, now we have to spend days screwing all the frames to the wall. So thanks for that, whoever you are. We really appreciate it.

Don't miss tonight's Pop Roxx, as it's likely to be the last one for at least a year! The color theme is purple, and the musical guest is The Hundred Days:

We've put in a requisition to have an extra Saturday added to each week, because clearly we've run out. You know how the bureaucracies are, though, so this could take a while.

Photos are up of Pop Roxx Purple: The Hundred Days.

This officially concludes Halloweenocaust 2011!

You may now return your costumes to the Containment Facility until the next incursion. Thank you for your cooperation.

The video for All Shall Perish's song Royalty Into Exile, which was filmed here in September, is out now. So much stage diving! So much.

Also, Mortified (whose all-sex-themed Thanksgiving show is happening here tomorrow at 7pm) are getting a TV show!

The Mortified Sessions
10 Episodes Start Dec 5 at 8pm on Sundance

We've teamed with Sundance Channel to create one of the most exciting Mortified projects to date.The Mortified Sessions is an unusual interview series that invites everyone from celebrities to CEOs to unearth their childhood artifacts (old diaries, letters, art, lyrics) and discuss what those items reveal about the person they've become. Each half-hour episode mixes elements of comedy and catharthis in an intimate, unflinching conversation that explores: are the secrets of success buried in the pages of the past?

Guests scheduled for season one include: Ed Helms, Eric Stonestreet, Cheryl Hines, Blake Mycoskie, Mo'nique, Jennifer Grey, Paul Feig, Alanis Morissette, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Will Forte, and more!

As a heads up to existing fans, The Mortified Sessions is not intended a direct adaptation of Mortified Live and is actually based more on its curating process -- capturing the types of intimate conversations that occur when people first share their artifacts with us. It's a glimpse into an aspect of Mortified that few people get to see. Excited to share.

14-Nov-2011 (Mon)
Wherein the photos flow.

Things you overhear after the geek show: "It's so much easier sweeping up the broken glass than the worms. Worms roll."

Photos galore! Galleries are up of Blow Up, Mortified, the Ksea Benefit, Death Guild, and a very late appearance by the Bike to Work Day party we had back in May.

Hey, maybe you'd like a Hubba Hubba Revue 2012 wall calendar?

Hey, how about giving us some Yelp love?

Since people generally only post reviews when they're mad about something, most of our Yelp reviews fall into two categories: 1) "I was caught drinking under-age and they kicked me out, how rude!", and 2) "I only eat from vending machines, so I think a slice of pizza should cost a buck."

If you like what we do here, how about writing us a positive review on the DNA Lounge and DNA Pizza Yelp pages? It would soothe our delicate, needy egos!

Happy DNA Lounge Day! DNA Lounge is 26 years old today.

A few recent upgrades:

We've finally retired the old AST Linux-based POS ("Piece of Shit" or "Point of Sale", your pick) system that we inherited with DNA Pizza. Now we're using Ordyx. It runs on a Mac Mini with a touchscreen, and apparently half of it runs on their server (oh, the kids call this "in the cloud" these days) meaning, presumably, that various things go wrong if we're ever off the net, and they get to charge us a monthly fee instead of just selling us the software outright. But, it seems pretty good, and it's a million times better than what we had before.

We've also upgraded our network quite a bit in the last few weeks. I've already written about how we recently got a DSL line in addition to our existing T1, and were using the T1 for the webcasts while using DSL for the wifi network. We worked out the kinks on our DSL install and are now getting the advertised 20mbps out of it instead of the 5mbps we were getting before; and we've also upgraded the radios in our nine Aironet wifi hotspots, so they now do both 802.11b and 802.11a, which means that you should be seeing upwards of 17mbps downloads on laptops and iPads. (Bafflingly, iPhones don't do 802.11a, so you'll "only" get 5mbps on those.)

Also we're now experimenting with running the webcast over the DSL instead of the T1. Back in 2001, webcasting 24/7 over DSL just plain didn't work at all, but we'll see whether it does now. I hope so, because we're paying a couple hundred bucks a month for that T1, and I'd really like to be able to cancel it!

Last week, Jeremy said "Let there be light", and lo, there was light within the pizza sign. It's not quite bright enough yet, but it's a good proof of concept. He found a string of waterproof 12v RGB LEDs. They're small enough that we're able to tuck them away and light the sign from the front instead of from inside. Very futurey! We may end up replacing the fluorescent tubes behind the big sign with these as well, because they last forever.

Once you're done gorging yourself and fighting with your family, come out to Meat: Thanksgiving on Thursday. It's been a bit over a year since we've done Meat. There will be grillin'. Oh yes.

Some videos have emerged of the Obscura show. No photos, though.

Devon and Alexis finally figured out how to re-hack our ATM! Remember back in 2001 when I used the "advertising messages" feature of our ATM to make it display things like DESTROY CAPITALISM while you're waiting for your money? (As seen in Adbusters #45!) Well, back in 2006 we were forced to "upgrade" that ATM (I think it was part of some bank-mandated firedrill after one of their crypto algorithms was cracked) and that new version dragged us, kicking and screaming, from 1976 technology to 1981 technology: it was no longer possible to just type in several pages of snarky comments from the ATM keypad. Instead, you were expected to upload those screens as images instead of typing in text.

And by images, I mean 320×240, 1-bit, amber on purple images. And the only way to get them into the ATM was by using some hard-to-find Windows 95 software to convert them to their proprietary image format, and then using a modem to dial up to the ATM and upload them with Z-Modem.

After many hours of trying, we never actually got that last part to work, and eventually gave up.

Well, a couple of years ago, that ATM (a Tranax Mini-Bank 1000) was replaced with a Nautilus Hyosung NY-1800, letting us make the jump from 1981 technology all the way to 1997 technology! This ATM -- once you have acquired the secret software and proper proprietary serial cable -- lets you upload 480×234 8-bit images! But the screen has non-square pixels -- no, seriously, this is a thing that still happens in the Twenty-First Century. I had to pre-smoosh my images to make the circles be circular.

The software is hard to find because they don't want to give it to anyone who hasn't flown to Texas and paid the extortion to take their class to become an Authorized Repair Technician or something. Even though I own this hardware outright, they won't give me the software required to operate it. This kind of nonsense should be illegal.

Anyway, we hax0red the bastard, and now it's hilarious. Here's a video:

Also, photos are up of the Hubba Hubba Revue Murder show, and a late arrival from the Dismantled show back in August.

I understand the amount of baby powder those guys left in the lounge was unprecedented. Apparently their show required that they roll around in it first. (And no, "baby powder" is not a euphemism in this case.)