28-Oct-2011 (Fri) Wherein the curse of the sign has been broken, and I flog Halloween one last time.

Check it out, the DNA Pizza sign is done!

There aren't lights inside it yet (coming soon!) but it looks great. It won't remain shiny for long: within a month or so, it will have rusted enough to match the DNA Lounge sign.

Unlike the DNA sign, this one only took seven months instead of ten years, so I'm gonna make a note here, huge success! Lee Sonko is the fellow who built and hung it, by the way. Thanks, Lee!

Also, reconstruction on the skylight is just about done, except for a few minor details. Even though the new skylight is a little smaller than the old one, it's so much brighter in the pizza dining room during the day now. Not being covered with tar paper will do that, I guess.

And this is your last reminder of the epic week we have coming up for you: four more days of Halloween remain: Les Beaux, Trannyshack, the world famous DNA Lounge Halloween party on Sunday, Death Guild on Halloween proper, and then after a three day breather, Friday is the return of Pop Roxx!

We will see you there. Oh yes, we will.

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