24-Oct-2011 (Mon) Wherein we note some more Mayorial antics.

I am shocked, shocked to learn that Ed Lee has been caught committing election fraud already. SFist, SF Chronicle, Bay Citizen.

Just to be clear, since some people seem to have not understood, the only reason he's on our list at #3 is because he's the most viable candidate whose name is not David Chiu. "Not David Chiu" is the outcome that we in the nightlife industry care about most of all, and the #3 slot is your "last resort" vote.

But Lee's going to win no matter what, because his backers are well-funded and well-connected enough that they can engage in these kinds of antics and get away with them.

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  1. Jason Heilig says:

    The influence of money in politics is a very worrying thing.

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